Actofit Workout Tracker

Actofit was founded by Pratik Saraogi, who is currently the CEO of the company. It is a team of fitness experts and tech gurus who are determined to develop and promote a multipurpose fitness tracker for the future and improve the technologies around fitness trackers.

Equipped with ultramodern bio-sensing skills and equipment, the company aims to make an advanced workout tracker that will be the tracker for any athlete, professional or otherwise.

Members of the team are immensely knowledgeable on applications regarding fitness, wellness, sports, and health, hence their ability to integrate all these into a great tracker. The tracker provides detailed and verifiable data for more efficient workouts and consequently more fulfilling lives.

It is for these reasons that the company has developed the Actofit Workout Tracker to help people enjoy workouts with measurable goals. This device is now popular and used by several people across the globe.

What Is Actofit Workout Tracker?

The Actofit Workout Tracker  is an advanced device that not only tracks your steps but also goes beyond to track other details of your workout.

Moreover, the device doesn't just automatically identify workouts but also derives important parameters for every workout and each rep to facilitate more effective training.

The wearable device was therefore meant to provide you with detailed data when you are in the gym and when you are resting. Actofit has used the new tracking strategies and technology to drastically change the fitness industry.

It is self described as the tracker for the next generation and is a certain device for people who want to push their routine workouts to the next level.

The main importance of a wearable is to make you progress and monitor your workout goals by constantly making changes, adjustments, and improvements to your workout plan and experience.

The Actofit device provides you with the best workout tools to monitor and enhance your health, sports, and wellness. Trainers have a chance and options to make well informed decisions on their workout plan and based on the elaborate data provided by the gadget.

The gadget promises a lot and delivers much more than that. It is for this reason that it has consistently received a lot of attention, media mentions, and acknowledgements just like any successful gadgets would.

Its performance has created a buzz and this has led to positive reviews and publications from renowned media outlets such as the Live Mint, The New York Times, The Times of India, Gadgets 360, WT, and Your Story.

How Does Actofit Workout Tracker

You will only get the best from a device if you fully understand how it works. The Actofit is a wearable worn around the wrist. The best way is to ensure that the gadget itself is on your wrist bones.

This device has the potential to record your progress throughout the day as well as when you sleep. Though it is worn on either wrist, the company recommends the left wrist if you are interested in tapping to view the details of the workout.

Actofit Workout Tracker Features

The first tip towards choosing the right tracker is to ensure that it fits into your lifestyle without trouble, particularly in terms of design and lifespan. Well, who wants to purchase a similar device every so often in these economic times?

Again, would you want to buy a device that takes away all your self confidence? The Actofit tracker is designed to look good on your wrist. This device is resistant to both rust and water. Its durability is guaranteed and is ideal for a taxing gym routine.

This device is built and fitted with features that makes it the best workout tracker in the market today. Some of these features include:

Unique Qualities

Actofit gives you more than you can receive from any tracker. It has a broad range of unique and exciting qualities. Firstly, it tracks your heart rate accurately 24/7 and gives you all the data.

It also has an ability to store 75 different gym workout routines, force metrics, power, and velocity reps, among other essential qualities. All this data is essential for your workout growth and development. You will identify your weak points and explore mechanisms to improve your lifestyle.

Burn Calories

How many calories do you burn during your workouts? Honestly, this is a question that you would find difficult to answer without the appropriate device.

Actofit gives you an opportunity to track the amount of calories you burn during your fitness sessions. It gives a clue on foods that are more effective and those that do not help much. It also enables you to know how far you should push your body.

Form Evaluation

The device has the ability to correctly analyze and evaluate your form. Moreover, the comprehensive form improvement mechanism also points out at the possible changes you could make to your workout routine. This helps you to make life changing decisions for better health.

A Smart Alarm

The alarm feature is not only useful in keeping you up to date with your workout plans but also good for your other schedules. Set the alarm to help you wake up in time.

Every time you wake up, the alarm reads and adjusts all the algorithms to set a predictive wake up and bedtime for you. This feature makes the device more than a basic workout device but a general health and wellness device.

Text And Call Alerts

One of the most interesting features of this device is its compatibility with advanced Android and iOS devices through an elaborate app. This mobile application is downloaded, installed, and set up from either of the devices to help you with call and text alerts.

Imagine that you are too involved with your workouts to think of important business calls on your phone. You do not need to worry, as you will directly get all the notifications directly from the device. This makes the device a favorite business and lifestyle device.

Actofit Workout Tracker Summary

The Actofit Tracker is unique, effective, and useful for all workout routines and most business and lifestyle routines. It gives you the data and indicates tips that are key in devising and maintaining an effective workout routine.

Every quality of this device makes it a key tracker to incorporate into your lifestyle. Due to its consistent performance, the device helps you to monitor or change your workout processes based on reliable data.

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