ActivOX Daily – Patriot Health's Proven Nitric Oxide Booster?

ActivOX Daily is a health supplement that helps your body produce more nitric oxide. We will get back to ActivOX Daily in a second, but first I want to delve into why you should actually care about nitric oxide and why you would want your body to produce plenty of it.

You see, nitric oxide is a natural gas with no odor that your body produces. But why is this gas important enough to warrant a supplement to be made to help your body produce more? That is because this gas plays a pivotal part in maintaining the proper functioning of your body. Nitric oxide is especially beneficial for ensuring that your blood is flowing properly. And as you all should know, proper blood flow is essential for good health as it effects the functioning of your heart and brain.

Of course, if your heart and brain are not functioning properly, it effects your whole body negative as a result. Therefore, you definitely want to keep your heart and brain health on the up and up.

An Introduction To ActivOX Daily

ActivOX-Daily-NO2Your body has peak nitric oxide levels when you are in your twenties and mid-thirties. As you get older, the amount of nitric oxide your body produces goes down. This is part of the reason why older people tend to have far more heart problems than their younger counterparts do. Not to mention these old-timers have a much higher risk of having a heart attack. This is where a nitric oxide supplement such as ActivOX Daily comes in.

ActivOX Daily is specially formulated to replenish your body’s supply of nitric oxide as you age. This means that you can have the same levels of nitric oxide in your body when you are 45 that you did when you were 25. Another added benefit of having more nitric oxide is that you will have more energy. You will seriously feel like you are 25 again even though you are actually 45 and your heart will be just as healthy too.

Proper Blood Flow Is A Necessity

This almost goes without saying and has pretty much a unanimous doctor consensus. Proper blood flow equals optimal health. It is that simple. There is not a single organ in the body that does not utilize the blood that is flowing through your veins and arteries. And all of the performance of all of these organs suffers if your blood is not flowing properly. Improper blood flow can stem from tightened blood vessels that severely restrict blood flow. When your blood vessels are constricted, your blood pressure skyrockets and so does your chance of having a heart attack.

This, again, is where a nitric oxide supplement such as ActivOX Daily would come in. See, the nitric oxide gas actually opens up those blood vessels, allowing your blood to follow unhindered. In turn, this ensures that the blood gets to all of the organs that need it to function properly. On top of that, your blood pressure drops to regular healthy levels and your heart attack chances plummet. Now of course there are other ways to lower your blood pressure, but the nitric oxide gas is the key. It will be very difficult to reach stable healthy blood pressure levels without your body producing enough nitric oxide.

Other health benefits associated with proper blood flow are feeling more energetic**, having improved brain function**, a drastically reduced chance of artery blockage due to narrow pathways**, a greatly improved sexual experience**, and increased organ health and function** (due to them receiving ample supplies of blood). If all of these benefits sound like things you want (and they should), then you should by now recognize the importance of nitric oxide and supplements that help your body produce it like ActivOX Daily.

Now, back to ActivOX Daily. Let’s take a look at what is inside this supplement.

Components Of ActivOX Daily

ActivOX Daily is not the only nitric oxide stimulating supplement on the market. However, it is one of the best. And that is because of the active ingredients found inside of it. ActivOX Daily is jam-packed with ingredients that greatly increase the amount of nitric oxide that your body releases into your bloodstream.

One of the most essential components that make up ActivOX Daily are purified beet roots. These roots have what are known as nitrates and this is what causes the nitric oxide stimulating effect. Why?

Nitrates stimulate the creation of nitric oxide at a monstrous speed and in a monstrous quantity. If you are looking at quickly and effectively increasing your body’s levels of nitric oxide, beets are the way to go. So why buy a supplement like ActivOX Daily? Well, because beets are about as appetizing as a shoe. This is why ActivOX Daily uses purified beetroot. You get the nitric oxide boosting properties of the root without the absolutely horrible flavor.

Another essential component of ActivOX Daily is hawthorn berry extract. Much like the beetroots, this extract also causes your body to produce nitric oxide at an incredible rate. However, this component is especially important because it has a specific enzyme in it that turns the aforementioned nitrates found in the beetroots into the nitric oxide gas.

Other components include vitamins C and B-12. Vitamin C is included in the product just to promote general good health and can pretty much be added to any supplement to add beneficial value. Vitamin B-12, on the other hand, plays a much more important role. The vitamin B-12 content in ActivOX Daily works to make your cells more capable of taking in the nitric oxide and using it as energy. This is how nitric oxide provides the energy boosting benefit that I mentioned earlier.

The final component worth mentioning is magnesium. It serves a similar role to Vitamin C as it was included to promote general good health. However, magnesium is especially good for your cardiovascular system. It was added more to be a heart booster than as a general health booster. It is a fantastic ingredient to be consumed as a complement to the already heart health boosting effects of the increased nitric oxide in your blood.

Using ActivOX Daily

The name of the supplement is ActivOX Daily so you can assume that it should be taken every day. Whether you take one or two pills a day is basically up to you. Although, you should start only taking one per day after the month and a half mark. If you do take two pills a day, make sure you separate your doses by at least half a day.

The most appealing aspect of ActivOX Daily for many is that the effects kick in almost instantly.

Purchasing ActivOX Daily

  • One box of the supplement will cost you $69.95 (which amounts to about $2.33 per serving) along with an additional $9.95 for shipping and handling.
  • Three boxes of the supplement will cost you $199 (which amounts to about $2.21 per serving). Shipping and handling is free.
  • The real deal is if you buy five boxes of ActivOX Daily. It has the same $199 price tag as buying three boxes which results in a cost of about $1.32 per serving. Shipping and handling is also free for this special.

The five box special also comes with two free reports about the benefits of nitric oxide and four nitric oxide test strips to see how high or low your nitric oxide levels are.

Money Back Guarantee

One of questions you are probably asking yourself at this point… Should I buy? Is it right for me?

Well I have some news for you. Patriot Health Alliance stands behind their products. They offer 100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee. It doesn't matter if you have a full box left or one single tablet. The only thing they don't refund is the shipping price. That really speaks to me that they DO have their customers best interest at heart.


Contact Information For Patriot Health Alliance

If you have any problems with your order or just want more general information, you can reach out to the Patriot Health Alliance support team here: 1-800-230-8956. They are an American company located in Nashville, TN 37212

What Should You Know Before Taking It?

If you are currently taking other medicines and supplements, it is suggested that you ask a doctor or a trusted health expert before starting your ActivOX Daily supplementation. Since the supplement does affect your blood pressure levels, it could interfere with any medication you are currently taking. Your doctor would know best so please have a talk with them first.

Just to clarify, ActivOX Daily is completely healthy and harmless on its own. The only health risks pose from it reacting with other more volatile medications and supplements.

I feel that it is appropriate to reiterate that you should speak to your doctor or another trusted health expert before taking this supplement if you are currently being medicated. The unpredictable nature of prescription drugs combined with added nitric oxide levels in the blood has the potential to mess with your health in unseen ways. If you feel any pain in your chest area after taking the supplement, obviously call 911 and get proper medical treatment.

ActivOX Daily Verdict

One of the key aspects of a health supplement that I use to determine its effectiveness is what components are inside of it. After extensively reviewing all of the components in ActivOX Daily and looking at various medical studies done on said components and their effects, I can say that this product is legitimate.

You will experience a serious effect after taking this supplement and if the testimonials of many users are to be believed, you will experience that effect almost instantly after taking the supplement. Anyone who is trying to turn back the hands of time should consider this high-end nitric oxide boosting supplement. Moreover, think of all of the other added benefits your body will get from this great product.

I strongly recommend getting the aforementioned five box special, as it is really a great deal when you consider the cost per serving as well as the added bonuses that you get. If you are serious about nitric oxide supplementation, it is the way to go.



** The statements here are not intended to cure, diagnose, prevent, or treat any disease. ActivOX Daily has not been evaluated by the FDA. Please consult with a doctor before starting any herbal supplementation program. You should be at least 18 years of age to try this product. Since everyone's body types and environments are different, we cannot guarantee that it will work the same for every user.


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