What is Cerebral X?

Cerebral X is marketed as a revolutionary smart pill that acts to enhance advanced cognitive abilities. It claims it is made of 100% natural ingredients and helps you focus clearly while boosting your energy to eliminate brain fog syndrome. It also claims that it can help you to think faster, be smarter and remember more as you supercharge your way to success.

What Cerebral X Offers

Cerebral X is designed to be taken as a supplement, it is 100% water soluble, so, therefore, entering your system quickly. Its aim is to protect neurons, enhance signal transmission while supporting brain function and enhancing learning processes**. The website says it stimulates the brain to a level of where new neurons and neural pathways are constructed. To maintain a healthy cognitive state requires suitable functioning of neurotransmitter synthesis that leads to supercharged boosted thinking.

How Does Cerebral X Work?

In clinical trials with real humans, according to the Cerebral X website, it has been proven to improve brain nerve growth, boost neurotransmitters, increase blood flow and oxygenation to the brain, boost the ability to use the upgraded brain energy, protect brain cell walls, receive vital nutrients, vitamins and amino acids, protect the brain from neurotoxins and free radicals and stimulate protein synthesis**. In simple terms, what this would mean is that Cerebral X fuels the brain and taken on a regular basis, it alleviates symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, and memory.

What Are The Benefits Of Cerebral X?

If the claims are true, this formula would be advantageous if you are looking to improve your academic and work levels. Over time it could improve attention and focus, helping you to achieve tasks easier and faster**.

It would also improve long and short-term memory which is key for all sorts of individuals, professionals, and, of course, students**. It would help to speed up information processing which leads to better levels of taking in and retaining information quicker, therefore, enhancing performance in daily life**. Both men and women can take this formula.

What Do Users Say?

Users of the product have reported very positive effects. One such individual stated that the nervousness associated with taking exams disappeared and as a result, he was succeeding way higher than before.

Another user in their 30’s, has publicly stated that her memory has significantly improved and she has lost that habit of forgetting all the time.

A third user, after taking it for a month noticed huge improvement and life at his work has improved considerably.


Compared to other related products in the market place, many don’t have all natural ingredients and could therefore be less safe. Cerebral is listed as not addictive and is sold to be a mood enhancer.

Some products on the marketplace may have the ability to eliminate brain fog but not the ability to boost memory. Combined with the fact that some are not made of natural ingredients, they become a much worse option.

It seems that Cerebral X is winning in all those areas. There seems to be no information on the level of addiction that could be incurred with these products as well.

Active Ingredients in Cerebral X

Here is a list of the Ingredients:

  • Huperzine A [1]
  • Vinpocetine [2]
  • Phosphatidylserine [3]
  • Bacopa Monnieri [4]
  • B Vitamins
    • Vitamin B3 – Niacin [5]
    • Vitamin B6 – Pyridoxine HCL [6]
    • Vitamin B9 – Folic Acid [7]
    • Vitamin B12 [8]
  • DHA [9]
  • L-Theanine [10]
  • Citicoline [11]
  • L-Tyrosine [12]
  • L-Glutamine [13]

Interesting Facts

Did you know that the brain is 2% of our total body weight? Did you know that 80% of our genetic sequence is coded for the brain? Imagine, the average person has over 70,000 thoughts per day and, did you know that stress can alter your brain cells and connections? Looking after the brain is critical.

Will it help the fight against memory diseases?

Unfortunately, in the older population diseases like Alzheimer’s are at an all-time high. It’s too early to see any long term studies on new supplements but it will be interesting to see if such supplements as these will help in the fight against this.

Given that the brain is the biggest organ in our body, it is worth looking after it well. It is still thought that undertaking activities to keep the brain challenged of course should be done, don’t leave it all to a supplement!

Where Can I Get Cerebral X And How Much Is It?

At the moment, Cerebral X if offering the supplement via a Trial. Due to strong media coverage their products are under heavy demand. The return policy is strong and customer service is reliable. If you are wanting to get in touch with them, you can use any of the methods from 5AM to 5PM PST every day to get in touch with them.

Return Address:
Cerebral X
11551 E. 45th Avenue, Unit C
Denver, CO 80239
United States

Support Telephone Number: +1-888-963-8460
Support Email Address:

There seems to be a growing high reorder rate. You can source it online at the official Cerebral X website. As with all supplements precede with caution. As there is no mention of side effects, you should observe yourself for the first few days. If unwell, stop taking immediately.

Final Thoughts on Cerebral X

There are many supplements out there now days a that claim to fix this or that. Most of those supplements don't actually use quality ingredients that have real science to back up the claims and many are made in overseas labs that I wouldn’t trust putting in my body. Cerebral X is natural and made in the USA. It’s well balance and has lots of great ingredients. After reviewing the ingredients in detail, we think it’s definitely worth trying to see how it helps your focus on tasks and boosting your energy to power through the day.

For testing Cerebral, we recommended trying it for at least 2 to 3 months to see how it works with your body. So go ahead and try it. What do you have to lose?


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** The statements here are not intended to cure, diagnose, prevent, or treat any disease. Cerebral X has not been evaluated by the FDA. Please consult with a doctor before starting any herbal supplementation program. You should be at least 18 years of age to try this product. Since everyone's body types and environments are different, we cannot guarantee that it will work the same for every user.