With three different supplements for energy, wellness, and mitochondrial support, Bod-ē Pro products are designed to support daily wellness.

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What Is Bod-ē Pro?

Capitalizing on the influence of popular accounts across social media platforms, Bod-ē Pro approaches influencer marketing with nutritional supplements. Social media users learn about marketing strategies and methods to grow their account following and turn their profiles into a marketplace.

Geared toward mostly female audiences, Bod-ē Pro developed a line of health products to support energy, mood, and overall health. These products utilize natural compounds, amino acids, and minerals to for improved overall well being.

Designed to improve mood and enhance cognitive function, Bod-ē Happy combines popular energy-boosting ingredients for an increase in physical and mental activity.

As a comprehensive wellness supplement, Bod-ē Strong contains a proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and silica for optimal daily function, antioxidant properties, and improved hair, nail, and skin health.

Formulated as a mitochondrial support supplement, Bod-ē Ten improves cellular efficiency by increasing levels of the main molecule responsible for cellular energy and reducing stress caused by oxidative processes.

How Does Bod-ē Pro Work?

Each serving comes as a dissolvable powder in individual packets, which consumers can mix with water or other liquids as a daily supplement.

Bod-ē Pro Products

Bod-ē Happy

-Caffeine: Recognized as the most widely used energy supplement, caffeine releases stored fat for improved energy and accelerates metabolism. Increased energy is further linked to improved mood and faster cognitive skills such as reasoning, problem solving, and concentration.

-L-Theanine: As one of the primary active compounds in green tea leaves, l-theanine is particularly well known for its ability to produce relaxing sensations. When paired with caffeine, this agent balances the potentially harsh energy spike for a smooth, sustained increase in energy.

-Beta-alanine: Often found in pre-workout supplements, this compound prolongs muscle fatigue and increases endurance, offering effects similar to caffeine.

Bod-ē Strong

-Mangosteen Extract: As a powerful antioxidant, this natural extract combat cellular damage and aging caused by oxidative stress and environmental toxins.

-Silica: Typically derived from bamboo or Horsetail, silica is an incredibly strong compound with numerous benefits for skin, hair, and nail health.

Bod-ē Ten

-Riboflavin: Essential to the production of ATP, the main molecule utilized for cellular energy, riboflavin directly supports improved cellular function.

-Niacin: Helping in the conversion of carbohydrates into sugar, niacin increases the amount of energy available to cells.

Bod-ē Pro Pricing

Through the website, one pack of Bod-ē Ten and Strong are each $69.95 while one pack of Bod-ē Happy is priced at $53.95.

Bulk packages are available including the Ten Bee Happy Family Pack, which costs $348.95 and the Ten Happy Family Pack at $344.95; it is not clear how these orders are different, as both seem to contain all three products.

Currently these products are not available through any other online retailers.

Should You Use Bod-ē Pro?

As each product is formulated with nutrient dense extracts and compounds, Bod-ē Pro products could be beneficial for attempting to address a range of health symptoms such as low energy, brain fog, or unhealthy skin or hair.

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