Planet Fuel was inspired by two parents who wanted to create, and provide, healthy organic juices for their children. Before they knew it, this concept grew into something much bigger backed by a powerful vision. The focus maintained that they wanted to continue to provide organic healthy juices that are sustainable. And, designed for teens and tweens specifically.

Why Tweens And Teens?

What these conscious parents realized is that sure, there are tons of healthy and organic choices available on the market. Most of which however, are designed for adults, aging populations and babies. Somewhere along the way, the pre-teen and teenage population was forgotten.

What has become more prevalent though is that this age group are increasingly looking for healthier options and alternatives. They too deserve to have quality brands created for them and their unique perspectives and interests.

Planet Fuel Social Mission

Planet Fuel describes their company as being on a social mission They promote the need for environmental education and they participate in various events to help protect the planet. A portion of the product sales currently in conjunction with private donors, are given to Planet Fuel Charitable Fund that provides financial support to conservation groups that are working to protect wild places and animals.

Part of the Planet Fuel social mission was they wanted to be a bran that would empower consumers to do something in their lives with meaning. They wanted others to recognize like they have, that we are all connected to the earth through the relationship with food and water. And, based on the choices we make every day, would determine two things;

  1. Are we nurturing our bodies and the planet?
  2. Are we perpetuating the status quo?

Some of the organizations that benefit from the Planet Fuel social mission are:

  • The Ocean Conservancy
  • The Housatonic Valley Association
  • Connecticut Audubon Society
  • The Wilderness Society
  • The Nature Conservancy

The mission is about being passionate in crafting both healthy and nutritious organic beverages to inspire consumer to make more conscious buying decisions. The goal is to provide the healthy component to both the lives of humans, and the planet.

Planet Fuel Beverages Product Line

The Planet Fuel product line is made up of three (3) different flavored juices that are contain only the best ingredients that are from domestic farms. These farms have been certified organic and naturally are GMO-Free. From there, only crystal clean water is added to lower the natural sugar content and as a result also enhance the thirst quenching beverage.

The three (3) flavors available are:

  • Cherry Lemonade – contains 100 calories per serving
  • Apple Grape- contains 100 calories per serving
  • Mango Pear Lime – contains 80 calories per serving

Each can contain 10 fluid ounces and are non-carbonated.

Planet Fuel Product Packaging

Since Planet Fuel is health conscious in both people and the planet – we could only expect their packaging to be the same. The can material of choice is aluminum because they are deemed to be the most environmentally friendly containers available. Providing of course, that they are being recycled. Their durability is much more efficient and more than two thirds of the aluminum put into the marketplace is still in circulation today.

This choice was much more ideal than the petroleum based PET plastic bottles.

How To Order Planet Fuel Beverages

The Planet Fuel beverages are available for purchase on Amazon with several different options available. As mentioned above, there are three (3) different flavours available that are sold in;

  • 12 pack for $19.99
  • 24 pack for $32.99

In addition, you can also purchase these packs for the same price, but as a multi pack. This will provide you with all three (3) flavors divided equally.

What Are Others Saying?

There are more than a dozen reviews from verified customers available on the Amazon website. 92% of those reviews, boast a five (5) star rating. Many of these customers are from parents who purchased the Planet Fuel beverages for the tweens and teens and have described them loving it! Taste reviews indicate that they are not too sweet and have an awesome taste. One of the best comments, in our opinion was, the only thing they would change is the size of the cans. The flavors are so great that they just wish there was more!

Some Final Thoughts On Planet Fuel

Overall, Planet Fuel appears to deliver quality, healthy and organic juices that are suitable for people of all ages – including the tweens and teens of the world. We want our children to make more health conscious choices but what is also important is ensuring they have options to choose from.

And, let’s be honest. Most teenagers thrive on the feeling of exclusivity, or made just for them. This is the place that Planet Fuel came from when they started. From the flavor profiles and the branding, they were definitely in mind. And, we can’t forget their social mission for the planet. This is a great cause to not only support, but also a great cause to stand behind.

Planet Fuel has a great deal to offer both you, and the environment as large.

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