The discovery about the cherry powers, we discovered after a professional tennis player who was injured was snacking regularly on cherries. What he found out was that when he ate these delicious fruits the pain in his back began to ease. They are said to possess restorative powers that can help with a variety of ailments and common complaints.

There is something in cherries called anthocyanins. They are what give cherries that deep red color and are also what experts are saying that deliver the powerful health properties.

Health Benefits Of Drinking Cheribundi

There are several benefits available through the consumption of tart cherry juice like this one by Cheribundi. Some of the benefits are listed below.

Increased Stamina – Drinking the tart cherry is said to increase energy levels naturally because of the natural sugar. They can help improve your mood – especially during that afternoon slump that hits way too many people, hard. This juice can help pull you out of that afternoon dip or, help you increase your stamina and endurance during a tough workout.

Improved Sleep – Tart cherries, found in this juice by Cheribundi, can help improve your sleep. This is possible because of its naturally occurring melatonin which is the hormone in our bodies that help the brain regulate sleep patterns, preventing restlessness and improving overall sleep quality. Because of the quality found in this cherry juice, this is a great addition to your evening routines.

Muscle Recovery – As mentioned above, tart cherries include something called anthocyanins. What they do, is work to reduce oxidative stress caused by exercise and physical activity. They aid with muscle recovery and by the acceleration of such.

There is good reason that more than 180 professional and college sports team drink Cheribundi. Thousands of athletes, and even those weekend warriors take full advantage of the benefits that Cheribundi has to offer.

Cheribundi Is 100% All-Natural

It is important to note that these cherries, and the final product, Cheribundi, are not made from concentrate. They are all-natural and made in the United States. And, if you concerned about the sugar, you should also know that the added sweetener to this juice is Stevia which is also, all-natural.

Back To The Beginning Of Cheribundi

We opened this article about the professional tennis player who suffered an injury and discomfort in his back. Once he started to notice relief from his daily cherry snack, researchers from Cornell University were asked to come on board and look into the possibility that the cherries, were in fact responsible. And, wouldn’t you know it!

The vision at Cheribundi is one that consists of producing only premium products that are both delicious and powerful in the health and wellness arena of benefits.

The Cheribundi Process

Like anything else, the process begins with the harvest. They harvest these cherries by shaking them loose from the trees instead of using a machine to pick them off. This process of harvesting allows you to preserve as much of their powerful compounds as possible.

From there, we move into the inspection process. Each cherry is inspected for the ripeness, taste and nutrients ensuring it is being delivered at its very best.

Lastly, the creation part of the process. In conjunction with a team of scientist, the proprietary juicing process was developed so that all the nutrients power and taste was included in every bottle of Cheribundi.

What Role Does Climate Play?

Since cherries need approximately 1000 hours of chill time, below 45 degrees in the winter, they are much fuller in the winter months and offer a sweeter variety. Michigan and New York are fertile grounds for tart cherries based on temperatures, hilly tracts and sandy soils.

Cheribundi Product Line

Cheribundi hosts a variety of different products that deliver the same goodness in every bottle based on specific needs.

Tart – This in an 8-ounce bottle that has more than 50 cherries in each bottle. This is the go to product for sports enthusiasts and professionals. It assists with muscle recovery, inflammation and a host of other benefits. This product retails for $43.20 per month for 24 bottles.

Protein – This is an 8-ounce bottle that includes both the tart cherries and 8 grams of whey protein. It is sweetened with stevia and carries 1.3 less sugar than the traditional blend. This product retails for $45.90 for 24 bottles.

Light – This product has taken a few cherries out and added stevia as a natural sweetener. This allows you to still benefit from the cherries but with less sugar. This will help with recovery and stamina. This product retails for $43.20 for 24 bottles,

Relax – This product is one that is best for improved sleep. There have been two (2) sleep aids added; Valerian Root and L-Theanine. This will help promote a better night’s sleep and help you avoid restlessness. This product retails for $45.90 for 24 bottles.

Black – This product is both black and tart cherry juice combined. Its addition every day, will help you recover faster, sleep better and increase your stamina. This product retails for $35.10 for six, 32 ounce bottles.

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