BDJ Fitness 21 Complete Workouts

Time and again scientific data has pointed to the fact that a regular exercise regime can completely transform our physiques.

Through the use of specialized training methods, users not only lose weight quickly but can also maintain their weight levels efficiently.

Thus it is important to maintain a steady regime that enables us to stay in optimal physical shape, so that we are able to perform our daily work at a high level.

This is especially important in today’s day and age, as many people have started to put on more weight. In fact, a statistical study has shown that in the past half-a-century the global weight average has increased by over 5 kilos.

This is especially alarming, as the trend seems to be on the rise with no signs of stopping. This drastic increase has been attributed to an increase in the intake of fast/processed foods and lowered levels of physical activity.

Foods today contain high volumes of sugars and carbs which are tough to breakdown and metabolize. Thus these food items get partially digested, and are converted into unhealthy lipid based compounds.

Also, since our physical activity levels have dropped, the body does not get an adequate chance to burn off these unhealthy compounds. Thus users are stuck with huge fat deposits in the bellies, thighs and gut areas.

What Is Annihilation?

Annihilation is an all new ‘true training system’ that the author claims to have created as a conditioning tool for ‘elite professional athletes’.

The system has been carefully devised and is a result of ‘twenty plus years of experience in many different training environments’.

Through a filtering process, the author has tried to narrow down the techniques in a small compact form, so that users can make full use of the training methods with the highest possible level of ease.

The techniques are easy to perform and can be done by users who are willing and motivated to lose weight.

Another key feature of ‘Annihilation: Total Body Training System’ is that it does not set unrealistic expectations with users. Though its regular use, individuals can get not only immediate, but also long lasting lasting results.

As a testament to the efficacy of the program, many elite trainers and professional athletes have endorsed this system. Other than that, many personal trainers have also adopted the training methods that have been outlined in the book.

They have observed that through using some of the exercises, they have been able to help their clients with issues related to burning body fat, increasing lean muscle mass development, and enhancing energy levels.

The Annihilation Difference

The simplicity of the program is something that truly sets it apart from other fitness regimes. The author has provided concise instructions that have been born out of years of research and knowledge.

All of the data has been amalgamated into an ‘easy to follow guide that you can start using from day 1’.

The book can be used by novices as well as experts, and can help users achieve a flat stomach and lean sculpted body through regular training and some patience.

Annihilation Key Aspects

  • The guide contains 146 pages of detailed exercise descriptions. All of the outlined routines have been supplied with photographs, so that users can easily perform the techniques without any risk of injury.
  • There are specific techniques in the book which can help users with their Upper And Lower Bodies. Similarly, there are specialized methods that have been designed to help users develop a ‘lean sculpted athletic body’.
  • There are over ‘30 Core and Abdominal Exercises’ that have been formulated to help users achieve a flat stomach by targeting fat deposits in our belly region.
  • Apart from the intense exercises, there are also ‘6 Short Running Drills’ that have been designed to target our belly and gut fat
  • Lastly, there are 21 full workout systems that have been clearly outlined in the guide. Each of these methods are easy to perform and can be utilized by anyone looking to lose weight.

Annihilation Reviews

The customers who have made use of this exercise system have commented on its fast acting results.

For example Alejandra Lopez says that “Even though we are all at different levels of fitness, we have to start somewhere. If you have been considering beginning a fitness and nutrition program, then Annihilation is the program for you.

Similarly, Shane Morris says ”I was looking for a new direction for my personal fitness goals. I wanted more intense workouts to become stronger and have more muscular definition. I now have more confidence in my ability to lift more and do more. The environment is very comfortable for everyone; beginner or experienced. I tell everyone who asks this is a MUST TRY!”

Purchasing Annihilation

The entire ‘Annihilation’ system can be purchased for a reasonable price of $9.95. The entire set of 21 workouts can be downloaded immediately upon full payment.

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