What Is Cholaca?

This is a product like those never before seen. Cholaca is a company that was founded in 2012 by Ira Leibtag. They had one goal when starting the company, they wanted to bring a healthy and organic form of liquid cacao to the world. The liquid is said to be regeneratively farmed and safe for the environment as well.

They also wanted to make a company that helped other countries, and that is why they started relationships with farmers throughout Peru and Ecuador.

Cholaca is a pure liquid cacao that is made with cacao. Cacao is known as one of the world’s most health rich superfoods and creates absolutely delicious drinks.

The ingredient can also be used for baking and is a natural mood enhancer and stimulant. It is also rich in anti-oxidants that can help you stay happy and healthy. You can enjoy it by itself or use it in recipes as well.

Cholaca can be found in retail stores, although it may be more affordable and easier to order online at the company website Cholaca.com. The company offers several different variations of their products and has even made some of the most delicious beers made with chocolate. Another benefit of supporting the company is that a portion of everything purchased through the company goes towards helping the rain-forest.

There are absolutely no preservatives in any of Cholaca’s products and there are also zero additives or emulsifiers that can harm you. It’s basically pure cacao that is ideal for you to drink and from what people are saying, you will love. The drinks are also vegan, gluten free and dairy free, plus they are 100% paleo friendly and contain some of the purest cacao on the planet.

What Products Does Cholaca Offer?

The first of their products is a delicious chocolate drink. They come in either 12-ounce bottles or 32-ounce jugs. There are three separate flavors you can choose from, there is sweetened, unsweetened and original. One of the other delicious beverages they offer are their Cholaca brewed beers.

Along with offering delicious beverages, Cholaca also offers some of the most delicious recipes for cooking as well, by using their beverages. And there are a lot of recipes. Some of the recipes include death by coconut cheesecake, a deliciously rich cheesecake that uses cholaca.

There is also a pure cacao liquid power smoothie, created for people who love to wake up with a delicious heart healthy and anti-oxidant rich smoothie. As well as cackling cholaca carrot cake bites, for those of you who are lovers of sweets and want them to be healthy.

A more adventurous recipe would be cholaca tortilla soup with shrimp, based on the traditional Mexican recipe but with a nice chocolate twist.

And if you’re on a bulletproof diet, which is one of the fastest growing diets in the world there is cholaca bulletproof diet. Coconut cholaca pudding cones are perfect for people who like the health benefits of coconuts and want to enjoy them with a delicious cholaca twist.

If you’re getting ready for a weekend movie, try the salted pure cacao popcorn. And for another heart healthy choice, try the almond butter cholaca pops. There are dozens of recipes on the company website that can be incorporated into any healthy diet choice. And the company stands by their recipes as well.

There are amazing health benefits of enjoying any of their recipes or Cholaca drinks. Cacao for example, is considered to be one of the anti-oxidant kings of the Amazon. It’s said to be one of the most heart healthy, beneficial superfoods that a person can eat.

Here are some of the facts on 100% pure Cacao. It has more than 40 times the anti-oxidant properties of blueberries, considered to be one of the healthiest foods on the planet. It is also a plant that is chalked full of iron and can help you get the mineral which is extremely important but hard to get if you’re a vegetarian. Magnesium is also one of the nutrients found within cacao that is extremely important for heart and brain health.

Believe it or not, cacao contain more calcium than that of cow’s milk as well. And it acts as a mood elevator and anti-depressant that is much safe than any prescription pharmaceutical you can currently find in the world. It’s basically one of the healthiest, most beneficial superfoods that a person can find. And cacao can be found in every product that Cholaca makes.

The anti-oxidant rich properties of cholaca are important to help remove free radicals from the body that cause dangerous levels of LDL in the cardiovascular system. LDL in the arteries is one of the major contributing factors to cardiovascular disease. And the flavonoids found within Cholaca can also help to repair cellular damage that is caused from pollution and other factors found within the modern world.

Cholaca Conclusion

If you’re looking for a healthy drink that tastes delicious, or a healthier beer to drink, than Cholaca is one of the companies you must start paying attention to. The offer some of the healthiest beverages that you can find anywhere.

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