Men who are looking for a durable leather belt that still offers comfort and customized fit will want to checkout this product by Slide Belts. Available in a midweight top grain leather, these belts can shift between business meetings to dinner parties with ease.

Each belt can fit people up to a 48 inch waist and can simply be trimmed to the appropriate length. Please read below to learn more about Slide Belts’ Black Top Grain Leather Belt and how to purchase the color of your choice.

What Are Slide Belts?

Different than other slide design belts this product utilizes a totally new dual-ratchet design to help keep the belt firm and strong without relying on buckles or prongs that wear out.

Since developing this new ratchet technology Slide Belts have improved their product offerings through a Kickstarter company boost. This boost allowed them to start manufacturing their first belt designs for men, women, and even children.

A good option for people who have difficulty finding larger size belts or want the comfort and flexibility provided by a slide ratchet adjustment system.

How Do Slide Belts Work?

The designers of these innovative belts drew inspiration from a belt they received as a gift while teaching in Eastern Europe. The design offered a comfortable yet secure fit that was like nothing they had even seen before.

After research and years of waiting on patent laws the Slide Belt was developed utilizing new dual ratchet system that had never been developed before. The dual ratchet design simply grips onto the teeth that are sewn to the underside of each belt. By gripping onto the teeth this belt fits securely and does to slide.

Black Top Grain Leather Slide Belt

The Black Top Grain Leather Slide Belt offers perfect medium weight leather that fits snugly without being uncomfortable. This belt is a great option for working professionals looking for a go-to everyday belt that works equally in a workplace or casual atmosphere.

Consumers have eight different choices when it comes to the ratchet buckle design. For the fashion savvy belt wearers, this company even offers a striped option that looks super nice.

Those who wear larger sizes will appreciate that this belt is available up to a size 48 and can simply be trimmed for proper fit.

Black Top Grain Leather Slide Belt Pricing

Available for purchase online exclusively through the company’s website at

Each Black Top Grain leather Slide Belt is available for between $60.00 to $62.00 depending on ratchet buckle style chosen.

All Slide Belts purchases are backed by a forty-five day return policy as well as a one year warranty. Unlike traditional prong leather belts users do not need to worry about their purchases looking old with daily use.

Slide Belt Conclusion

Men looking for the perfect hole less belt for everyday wear will want to consider the black Top Grain Slide Belt or one of the other models to choose from. Further details are available at

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