Cicatricure Skin Cream

The Cicatricure Skin Cream is an anti-aging cream that is specially formulated to repair damaged skin. A nutrient-rich formula, the cream visibly reduces the appearance of deep wrinkles and fine lines.

Helping to improve the firmness and elasticity of the skin, the anti-aging formulation visibly tones the skin and reduces sun damage and hyper-pigmentation caused by environmental factors.

This product is ideal for individuals who are experiencing early and unwanted signs of aging, restoring a youthful appearance to the skin.

In order to keep the skin vibrant and healthy, the Cicatricure Skin Cream smooths the complexion while featuring an ultra-hydrating formula that brightens appearance.

By focusing on healing the skin at the cellular level, the Cicatricure Skin Cream is safe and effective for all skin-types.

What Is Cicatricure Skin Cream?

Cicatricure Skin Cream is manufactured by the Brazil-based company Genomma Lab. The company manufactures a diverse range of healthcare products.

Using expert knowledge, the company creates its formulations with the help of dermatologists and skin experts. The Cicatricure Skin Cream formula features 100% natural and organic ingredients.

Through a variety of research studies and clinical trials, results showed that the Cicatricure Skin Cream not only fights the signs of aging but also effectively reduced visible scars and helped repair and heal the skin.

To keep the skin supple and healthy, the Cicatricure Skin Cream features unique properties that regenerate the skin cells and deeply penetrate the skin. As the skin ages, it goes through many processes of renewal.

Although premature-aging can be caused by sun-exposure or smoking, as the skin matures, the skin cells slowly lost their ability to renew themselves.

As a result, the regeneration cycle slows down, and the outer layer of skin begins to deteriorate. Without effectively completing the cycle, the skin’s natural pink tones become hidden and the complexion becomes dull and lifeless.

Occurring multiple times throughout the duration of a lifespan, the process of skin renewal must utilize stem cells in order to effectively maintain skin health. On average, the surface skin cells regenerate every 27 to 35 days.

With essential nutrients being delivered directly to the skin, Cicatricure Skin Cream gives the skin ultra-moisturizing properties and repairs damage caused by the symptoms of aging.

Minimizing wrinkles, as the outer layer of skin replaces itself, the dead skin cells shed and the skin is restored to a smooth, firm texture. For the best results, it is recommended that users apply Cicatricure Skin Cream to the face and neck daily.

For deep-hydration, users can leave the cream on overnight and wash it off in the morning.


Cicatricure Skin Cream Ingredients

The Cicatricure Skin Cream features a unique blend of natural ingredients that work together to improve skin health. Because these ingredients are natural, they are able to support the health of the skin without causing any long-term damage.

Offering a variety of benefits, the ingredients used in the skin cream are listed below.

Chamomile Extract:

Treating pain, skin disease, and inflammation, this ingredient works to eliminate the redness in the skin.

Containing powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and antiseptic components, this ingredient features a variety of essential oils and antioxidants for skin health.

A natural hypo-allergenic, this ingredient smooths the skin and helps reduce skin irritants. Preventing dryness, chamomile restores hydration to the skin and provides anxiety and stress relief.

Chamomile neutralizes free radicals and prevents premature aging.

Aloe Extract:

A deeply-hydrating ingredient, Aloe Vera contains two powerful hormones that are responsible for delivering anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties.

Reducing the inflammation in the skin, Aloe was known by the Egyptians as the “plant of immortality”. Highly therapeutic, this ingredient is often applied topically to treat a variety of skin conditions.

Also working to boost cell-regeneration, aloe contains a range of antioxidants that improve the natural firmness of the skin.

Oyster Shell Extract:

Used by ancient Chinese medicine men, Oyster Shell is a powerful anti-aging ingredient that keeps the skin soft, firm, and nourished.

Featuring a diverse range of minerals, amino acids, and nutrients, the ingredient is made up properties that are responsible for regulating cellular activity across the entire body.

Bergamot Oil:

Sourced from the rind of the fruit, this ingredient is a sweet, citrus flavored essential oil. Providing a calming and soothing aroma, this ingredient clears the skin by removing dirt and particles from the outer surface.

Purchasing Cicatricure Skin Cream

Cicatricure Skin Cream is available for purchase on Amazon. Each bottle contains 2.1 ounces, which tends to last most customers quite a while, and costs $15.37.

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