Relief Factor

Pain relief solutions have come a long way since the days of antibiotics, today there are natural extracts and ointments that can help people reduce their pain sensations significantly without the use of any invasive means.

Problems like back pain, muscle soreness, stiffness can all be treated through the use of simple means like gels, these extracts contain potent heat agents which gradually supply our muscles with warmth that allows them to expand and relax.

This expansion, allows for increased blood circulation,as well as better healing through the absorption of key nutrients like zinc, iron and magnesium.

Another major benefit of these supplements is that, when used timely they can prevent the occurrence of major issues like tissue damage, bone degradation, fungal issues and even ligament tears.

What Is Relief Factor?

Relief Factor has been touted as a “powerful, 100% botanical and fish oil research-based formula, that was created to help your body maintain a healthy inflammatory response”.

The formulation of this anti-inflammatory agent has been done with the help of leading chiropractors who have served as consultants to formulate the most potent formula possible.

In terms of its history, Relief Factor is a result of over 10 years of clinical research performed by various pain specialists, who sought to come up with a solution that was not only effective but delivered results almost instantaneously.

Another key aspect of this remedy is that, it allows users with common sports and exercise related injuries to quickly identify the source of inflammation , and thus cure it right away, so that the problem does not compound and cause more discomfort at a later stage.

Lastly, the product is completely research based, all of the added components have been clinically studied, and through the use of various scientific papers, the formula contains only ‘specific quantities’ of key active agents, that are known to alleviate pain and initiate immunity responses timely.


Relief Factor Key Features

Strong Formula:

Relief Factor does not muck around, the solution contains a potent blend of Resveratrol, Curcumin, Icariin, and high-potency Omega-3’s. These compounds are known to reduce inflammation and lubricate our joints and muscles.

This allows for a much easier recovery and faster pain relief.

Enzyme production:

All of the key components of the supplement have been shown to aid in the release of healthy amounts of ‘key enzymes’.

These enzymes help regulate the inflammatory response mechanism of our central nervous system, as well increase our pain threshold.

No Aftertaste:

Many ‘fish oil’ based supplements are known to possess a pungent odor, and unpleasant aftertaste. However, through the use of a special ‘enteric-coated Omega-3’ capsule, users can get rid of any aftertaste that they may otherwise have to experience.

Response Timing:

As mentioned earlier, the key active agents in Relief Factor optimize the working of our central nervous system.

Through this optimization, the response of our inflammatory system can be modified and thus users can remain pain free even after stressful physical activities.

Convenient Packaging:

Each pack contains 4 capsules and thus is ideal for carrying and storing. Users do not have to hassle themselves with a full bottle of pills, which might cause confusion regarding whether one has taken their daily dosage or not.

Joints & Muscles:

The key benefit of these pills is their ability to lubricate and nourish our joints, tendons, tissues and muscles. Through the supply of key ingredients, effectively and timely ‘Relief Support’ is greatly able to enhance our recovery capacity.

Relief Factor Nutritional Profile


This herbal extract is widely used in South America and India in relation to various inflammatory issues. Through its consumption, users can regulate the normal production of inflammatory factors at the genetic level.

It also helps maintain nitric oxide levels so that blood circulation and healing can take place at an optimal rate.


This grape like fruit blend is known for its potent anti-oxidative benefits. Clinical studies have shown that Resveratrol offers users with a ‘broad-spectrum support for the body’s normal inflammatory response and overall blood vessel health’.

Another key use of this potent compound is its ability to enhance SIRT1 (referred to as the longevity enzyme) activity. Lastly, the compound is known to promote healthy cell proliferation in healthy beings, thus alleviating future inflammatory problems.

Omega 3:

Many users would have heard of this EFA, this is because many clinical studies have been done in relation to this potent oil extract.

It contains a highly concentrated blend of EPA/DHA, and is known to “support modulation of gene expression involved in healthy inflammatory balance and tissue health”.

Through this optimization, it helps support a normal pain response to exercise and even reduces the frequency of fatigue based responses from our muscles to our brain.


This natural plant extract is widely recognized and known for its enhanced absorption ability, as well as its high bioavailability.

Through its regular use, it has been shown to provide maximal support for healthy inflammatory response through multiple pathways.

Relief Factor Reviews

The reviews have been really good in relation to the positive benefits of ‘Relief Factor’, customers like Jerry G says that “I can work out regularly as well as walk 1 or 2 or 3 miles without a problem.

I don’t have a problem going down stairs anymore.” Similarly, Jay Buhner (ex MLB all star) says “I can’t speak highly enough about the product. It’s been a Godsend.”

Purchasing Relief Factor

For starters, the trial pack which contains 60 capsule packets,and can be purchased for $19.95. Thereafter, each unit will cost users around $79.95. These prices do not include shipping and handling charges.

Easiest way to make a purchase is through the online web portal of the company.


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