It is no coincidence that as the average day for people has become more sedentary, the general health of the nation has slowly decreased. Staying active and moving plays a huge role in the health and wellness of people.

Because movement is so important, as more and more people work from their desks, only to go home and sit on their couches, it makes sense that the well-being of most adults is compromised.

Because people still need to sit when they work, the CoreChair was created. This innovative device allows users to stay active, even while they sit at their desks. With CoreChair, people can work to improve their overall health by increasing their activity throughout the day.

About CoreChair

CoreChair takes a dual approach when it comes to helping those who have to sit for long hours, but are worried about their health and well-being. First, CoreChair offers a simple way for people to stay moving, even when they’re seated at their desks.

With an arm free, rocking design, the CoreChair offers a freedom of movement not found in any other option on the market. The second approach CoreChair takes to improving the lives of those who have to sit a lot is by offering postural support.

Slouching and straining at a desk isn’t just bad for the health, it also causes aches and pains that can irritate and distract people.

The driving force behind CoreChair is found in its design. Inspired by sedentary lifestyles and the back pains that come with constantly sitting, CoreChair wanted to design a chair that could promote health while also being therapeutic.

To do this, CoreChair focused on the best posture for those who sit constantly, as well as ways to relieve pressure points.

When this was added to the 14 degrees of motion that can be experienced on CoreChair, the result was a chair that could ease back pain and also promote hip, pelvic, and core movement throughout the day.

Understanding the CoreChair

As described above, there are two aspects to CoreChair, its therapeutic benefits and how it promotes movement. To better understand these two important parts of the CoreChair, a fuller description of each is needed.

When CoreChair was first thought of, the idea was to make the healthiest, most therapeutic office chair possible. The first thing that needed to be considered when creating an innovative, therapeutic chair was the posture of the user.

Over the hours that people need to work, it is very easy to slouch and lean forward, causing back and neck pain. To combat this issue, the seat of CoreChair is sculpted to relieve specific pressure points.

The material of the seat also prevents users from sliding and changing position, which offers more comfort. CoreChair also keeps the pelvis stabilized through the day, allowing users to keep a straight, healthy posture.

Again, the sedentary lifestyle so many people who work at desks deal with was part of the inspiration for CoreChair. People sit statically in their chairs for hours on end, decreasing blood circulation and even contributing to the obesity crisis in the nation.

For this particular issue, CoreChair slides back and forth in all directions, up to 14 degrees. This constant movement can be controlled, but encourages activity throughout the day.

Mobilizing the hips, spin, and pelvis, this movement improves circulation and even helps user’s burn calories.

What Makes CoreChair Unique

There are many options on the market that focus on providing therapeutic support for sitters, as well as keeping users moving throughout the day. However, there are a few key differences from these options and CoreChair that make the latter superior.

Over the years, many people have adopted standing desk options in an effort to support blood circulation. However, studies have found that standing all day is no better for the health than sitting all day. The key to wellness is physical activity.

No one can expect to exercise all day, but CoreChair provides a form of physical activity that can be easily done from the comfort of the desk. This activity keeps blood circulating, stimulates the lymphatic system, and improves overall health.

The spine connects the entire body, which is why back health is so important. In order to keep the spine and back healthy, specific movements are needed. CoreChair was designed to encourage these movements.

With the CoreChair, users can activate the back and core muscles, as extremely or gradually as they want, so that they can avoid long-term back problems. And with CoreChair, these movements are controlled, preventing straining or injury.

Sitting still all day isn’t just bad for physical health, it also takes a toll on mental wellness. The longer people sit, the less blood flows to their brain, which is vital to keep cognitive functions running.

However, because CoreChair encourages movement throughout the day, the oxygen and glucose the brain needs to thrive is constantly being delivered to where it needs to go, helping users focus better.

Purchasing CoreChair

CoreChair is available for purchase in the United States and Canada. There are two sizes available for CoreChair, Regular, for those 5’6” and under, and Tall, for those over 5’6”. Both options cost $895.

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