Nobody wants a messy home, especially in this busy day and age where it is extremely cumbersome to deal with prominent stains one one’s couch, carpet or bed sheets.

Stains caused due to wine and greasy foods can be long lasting and need a specialized treatment processes to get out, additionally they are pretty expensive as well.

What Is Couch Coaster?

Couch Coaster is an all new accessibility device that helps users keep their beverages in order wherever they might be sitting. The design is simple and essentially consists of a band that adjusts onto the arms of any couch or sofa.

There is a cup holder inbuilt into the flexible band which allows users to place any bottles, tumblers and cans in them safely and securely.

Couch Coaster Working Mechanism

Couch Coaster works well on all sofas of different length and sizes, the only real requirement is that the arm width of the sofa be at least 14 cm so that the device can be snugly placed onto the arm. Using the following steps users can easily make use of the device:

Step 1: Stretch the band stretched out and flex it to the desired length.

Step 2: The stretched out band should then be placed on the armrest snugly.

Step 3: Users should adjust it a bit so as to confirm whether it has been fixed into position                 securely.

Couch Coaster  Key Features

The product is completely unique and offers users with a host of features like:

Size Compatibility: one unit can fit all sizes, this includes bottles, cans of various diameters and girth.

Hot or Cold: there is no need to worry even if one is putting an extremely hot beverage into the holder. The material is manufactured to be highly resistant to extremely hot and cold temperatures alike.

Silicone Fabrication: the band is manufactured using a highly flexible silicone material which is not only flexible but is also highly durable.

Weight Independent: due to its unique product design the band can hold weights of varying intensities. It doesn't buckle even if a heavy bottle is placed onto it.

Color Variants: there are many color options for users to choose from, this means that people have the option of buying matching Couch Coasters to go with their interior upholstery.

Kid friendly: there are no small components which can be damaging or harmful, the product can safely be used around kids who are 3 years or older in age.

Couch Coaster Reviews

The customer based reviews have been extremely positive and many individuals have mentioned that the product works extremely well.

Some of the positive reviews include those from the Sunday Mirror who calls it “a gizmo that is going to save people a lot of cleaning bills”. Similarly, NBC news hails the product as a couch savior and says that the device is ingenious.

Lastly Wired magazine says that this device is ideal for any movie goers or television fanatics.

Couch Coaster Pricing

The easiest way to get one’s hands on the device is by placing an order online at their website The Couch Coaster comes in five different colors namely cool cream, mocha brown, rosso red, jet steel, steel grey, all of the separate units are priced at £19.99.

There is also a resale section which allows users to buy refurbished units for a discounted rates. However, availability of refurbished units is not certain and they may or may-not be available at any given point.

Payments can be made using a host of safe and secure means including Paypal, MasterCard and Visa.

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