Research has indicated that ‘poor shoe choices’ can lead many people to develop a series of health issues. Men in particular are known to develop back issues early in life due to bad posture and improper footwear selection.

By the time many men cross the age of 40, they develop sciatic discs in their spinal column, experience tightened lower back muscles and feel sore/strained back tendons. These issues only aggravate as time goes on, and after a certain age, these problems have been found to severely constrict the overall mobility of an individual.

Thus, it is of utmost importance that people take care of what they wear from an early age so that they can prevent issues later on in life.

What Is Digitsole?

Digitsole is an all new smart shoe that many online retailers have described as the ‘first auto-tightening, interactive, heating, & shock absorbing sneaker.’

Unlike other ‘new generation shoes’ which require external digital support to maximize product potential, the Digitsole combines intuitive hardware and software technologies that have been engineered directly into the shoe itself.

This results in the creation of an interactive smart sneaker that is constantly monitoring our daily movement activities, and providing us with personalized feedback.

Due to its multipurpose design, the product can used by gadget enthusiasts, sneaker collectors, health enthusiasts, athletes, or even people who are simply after a trendy pair of designer sneakers. Some of the key features which really set Digitsole apart from the crowd include:

Digitized Health Analytics:

Due to the incorporation of various movement sensors, the Digitsole is able to perform many computational functions like analytical pronation, supination, vary propulsion levels, regulate impact force, measure fatigue, improve posture, count steps, measure calories.

Also, due to the inbuilt computer system, the shoe allows for the creation of precise data that helps prevents injuries and improves the user's overall health.


Unlike other devices which are dependent on old school means of pairing like Bluetooth 2.0, the Digitsole features a Bluetooth 4.0 design that enhances connectivity and enables personalized coaching recommendations.

Other than that, the shoe also observes and analyses our walking patterns in real-time via a smartphone app based on our activity data.

Designed By Experts:

In many facets, the shoe can be thought of as the ‘Next gen sneaker’. It’s design includes many futuristic features like auto-lacing, temperature regulation with heating, and more. Lastly, the Smart Shoe is designed into an ultra-light, premium leather and Neotech EVA shoe.

Digitsole Other Key Features

  • Chargable: the shoe can be charged using standard micro-USB cables. In terms of a full recharge, the battery system can be fully recuperated in a couple of hours.
  • LED Light: the shoe comes inbuilt with a fully customizable LED system which allows for intuitive lighting. Also, since the lighting is provided by LED bulbs, the shoe consumes very little electricity (and hence can run for long durations on a single charge).
  • Water/Dust Resistant: the outer body, design of the shoe has been made to be fully water and dust resistant. This allows for a longer life and increased overall durability.
  • Cushioning Monitor: this new technology allows for the automatic tightening of the insole as and when required. This essentially means that depending upon the outside conditions, the shoe is able to manipulate its basic structure and provide optimal comfort to the users feet.

How Digitsole Works?

Due to its complex design, there are a series of mechanisms which are employed in order to make Digitsole fully functional. These include:

Engine Optimization:

This Central Processing Unit governs the basic functionality of the shoe. It allows for auto-tightening of the outer fiber system so that the sneakers provide optimal comfort to the user at all times.

Tracking System:

Using cutting edge technology which is backed with a new generation tracking system, the shoe is able to collect data more accurately than any other wearable device available in the market today.

Movement Sensing:

Owing to its latest sensors, the inbuilt computer system is able to perform a complete analysis of an individual's stride, impact force, fatigue, posture, step size, and more.


After careful research conducted along with expert podiatrists, the shoe makers have been able to create algorithms that use clinically precise data to give users a full report on their walking habits.

Automatic Heating/Cooling:

There is an inbuilt heat-pad inside the shoe which allows for the transformation of energy from the battery into heat that can then help in providing additional comfort to the user in case the outside conditions are chilly.

Smartphone App Sync:

All of the aforementioned features can be controlled by simply connect one's smartphone to the shoe. Via the Bluetooth control mechanism, all of the sneakers inbuilt features can be controlled through the Digitsole app.

DigitSole Summary

Since the DigitSole is still in its beta phase, there are many early bird offers that users can avail of through the manufacturers Kickstarter page.

Minimum pledges start from $229 which allow users to avail of a single pair of shoes (which will eventually retail at $599 when the product is finally released for commercial purchase). Similarly, pledges of $390 and more allow for multiple shoe combos.

All payments can be done by PayPal, Maestro, Discover, and delivery will be completed by Dec 2017.

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