Filter Easy is a company that makes it easy to get the filters in your home changed. Changing filters is an easy step to miss when you have a lot of kids or a generally busy lifestyle. However, its easy with Filter Easy to make sure your filters are always clean and functional. The founders of the company understand the importance of having clean filters which is exactly why they changed them. Keeping your filters changed on time is vital to staying healthy.

How Does FilterEasy Work?

When one of the founders, Kevin found out his filters hadn’t been changed the whole time he lived in home, he took a trip to a store. He went to buy a new filter so he could change his old ones out to ensure the health safety of him and his family. Unfortunately, when Kevin returned home, he realized he had bought the wrong sized filter and couldn’t use the one he just purchased. Frustrated, Keven decided there was something that needed to be done.

It’s easy to buy the wrong the size filters because there is more to filters than typically meets the eyes. The simple task of changing filters is enough to through a lot of people’s minds into disarray.

Changing filters can end up taking an entire afternoon or sometimes even a day. People will generally get the wrong sized filter and have to drive back to the store to exchanged it. They may even have to take two trips if the same problem of purchasing the wrong filter happens again. That’s why Keven thought to himself that there must be a better, easier and more efficient way for people to change the filters in their home. Henceforth, came Filter Easy. Keven approached another college friend and together, the two created the company and changed the industry making Filter Easy the successful company that it is today.

The team is proud of their work. They’re fast paced have fun and keep a clean work environment. They’re backed by an all-star team of dedicated workers who are safe, expedient experts at what they do.

Even though air filters may not be the coolest things on the planet, nor is installing them, they still love their job and shows in their work. The energized team of experts at Filter Easy make it look like a no brainer when it comes to changing out filter. They hold company-wide events like outdoor trips and holiday parties where the team comes together to enjoy themselves.

This keeps the atmosphere at work fun and light-hearted although they are downright serious when it comes to getting the job done. But even when serious they always keep a smile on their face.

Th core values of the company are to be honest, even when it hurts. They believe that undying honesty is what makes this world a better place. So, they appreciate the honesty from every team member and customer they have. The second core value is to leave your mark.

Everywhere they go, they always leave it better than when they came, they strive to improve the world and make their mothers proud. The third core value is to be relentlessly resourceful and find the most creative methods to solve problems even when the scope seams limited. The last of their core values is don’t give up. Learn from all your mistakes, setbacks and failures and try again until you succeed.

They’ve been featured in American Insight, Forbes Magazine, American Airlines and are an up and coming company that will surely make an impact on their world.

Where Can I Learn More About FilterEasy?

You can learn more about the company and what they do at

FilterEasy Conclusion

If you don’t want to deal with having to remember when the time will come to change your filters, then go to and you can get started right away. It’s an easy to use system that will help you keep your filters clean and up to date to protect the health and well-being of you and the people who matter most to you in your home.

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