With beauty brands galore, what makes one stand out from the rest? Or better yet, which one will make you stand out from the rest? Glossier has branded themselves on the subtle “no makeup” look of wearing makeup.

A skincare and cosmetic line that will make you look fresh and youthful, without being overdone. Starting with how you treat your skin, to applying sheer cosmetics that will have you glowing and looking happy.

With an enormous online presence, Glossier got their start with Into The Gloss, one of the world’s best beauty websites and source for information and inspiration. It only made sense to step into the world of creating cosmetics and skincare to meet the needs of people who are underrepresented.

As beauty editors, they wanted to have fun creating their dream everyday products that are easy to apply, fun, and offer the quality so many other brands claim to, but don’t deliver.

Glossier has remained a hugely sought after brand for 18-35 year olds with their fun branding, and gorgeous, easy to use products. Glossier offers two full lines of beauty products:

What Is Glossier?

Glossier skincare line offers the promise of natural dewy skin. The skincare products are specifically designed to optimize your skin’s texture, tone, and hydration levels so that it’s already gorgeous, glowing, and ready for makeup.

Glossier Skincare Best Selling Products

Balm Dotcom – $12.00 15ml:

A favorite do-everything skin salve. A long lasting, hydrating, and multipurpose lip and skin salve that is full of antioxidants and natural emollients to repair and nourish dry skin. The wax like texture seals in moisture wherever you apply it.

Balm Dotcom comes in five (5) flavors: Birthday has a subtle shimmer. Rose has a barely there, pink tint, Cherry has a sheer red tint, along with Mint or Coconut.

Face Serums Set – $65.00 15ml each:

Fast absorbing, potent treatment serums are like supplements for your face. They are packed with nutrients to give your complexion the boost it needs in relation to your environment. Some days your skin looks dull, this is where Super Glow comes into play to brighten up your complexion.

Some days you may be stressed and dealing with breakouts, in which Super Pure would be a perfect match. Super Bounce will ease tight, dehydrated skin as may be felt with long flights or those dreaded hangovers.

Priming Moisturizer – $25.00 50ml:

A light moisturizer that will give you a dewy start to your makeup application. This “primer” will bring out the best in your skin, giving it the best tint and an even texture that will minimize the appearance of pores.

The anti-redness component will sooth and even your skin tone, leaving a fresh canvas to begin your day. With the perfect amount of moisture, your makeup will go on sheer and flawless.

Milky Jelly Cleanser – $18.00 177ml:

This is the only daily face wash you’ll need. You can use it on wet skin to start your day, or on dry skin to wash away the day’s makeup.

This formula is pH balanced and comes in a creamy gel formula that is made with a combination of five (5) conditioners to leave your face feeling clean and moisturized. This cleanser is safe even on your eyes, and is made with the same solution used in contact lens solution.

Glossier Happy Makeup

Glossier cosmetic line has been developed to not make you look like someone else, but to make you look like a refreshed, glowing, happy you. Without being complicated, this line is designed to be your everyday go to, while being reliable and consistent.

Glossier Makeup Best Selling Products

Stretch Concealer – $18.00 5ml:

Imagine a concealer that allows skin to look like skin. This new type of concealer contains elastic micro waxes that move with your face, no stiff, caked on application.

The nourishing oils will leave your concealer with a dewy finish, and is buildable to serve its many purposes. This concealer comes in five (5) shade, ready to brighten, enhance, and blend beautifully into any skin tone.

Generation G – $18.00 2g:

A sheer matte lipstick, Generation G looks like a just blotted lipstick, without having to do any blotting. These casual, natural colors come in 6 shades: Zip, Leo, Crush, Jam, Cake, and Like. Due to the sheerness of these hues, they will look different on different complexions.

Haloscope – $22.00 5.5g:

This dew effect highlighter is infused with genuine crystal extracts for an all-day glow, with vitamin rich moisturizers for a hydrated, dewy finish. Haloscope provides a sheen, and is not glittery. The three (3) colors available are: Quartz which offers a pearlescent finish, Topaz which offers a healthy sun kissed glow, and Moonstone for an opalescent glaze.

Boy Brow – $16.00 0.11oz:

An all in one filler and shaper for your eyebrows. This ultimate brow groomer will give you everything you need to thicken, fill in, and shape your brows with a creamy wax formula that is inspired by hair pomade.

This product will not fade, stiffen, or flake. Black, Brown, or Blonde hues will give a subtle boost of color while remaining clear enough to not look over pigmented. Inspired by healthy, natural, face framing brows that will have you looking naturally beautiful.

What’s better is that Glossier has a huge social media presence, and love to stay in constant communication with their followers. Like a cool big sister, or a friend who always has your skincare or cosmetic questions answered. Glossier is always looking for ways to give their customers what they need, and what’s better than staying in contact socially?

Glossier Summary

All Glossier products are cruelty free, and free of parabens. The all natural ingredients include botanicals and naturally occurring ingredients to ensure you look and feel your best, without compromising the environment or your health.

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