iBand+ is a device that helps you naturally start lucid dreaming and sleep better, resulting in healthier brain function during your waking hours. This product is still accruing funds on Kickstarter, but you can submit your request for pre-order now for discounted pricing.

What Is iBand+?

One of the most unique experiences in the world is dreaming. Anything can happen in a dream, and there’s no way of knowing if any two dreams are exactly the same.

There’s something special about this private show for your eyes and mind only, but you take it to another level when you realize that you’re in the middle of a dream without waking.

That’s called a lucid dream. While many people have their own techniques for waking within a dream, there are some innovators that have found a way to create that dreamscape every time with the iBand+.

The iBand+ gives you the privilege of entering this fantastic stage of dreaming with a little help from a high-quality headband.

This headband senses the signals from your body that you’re in the middle of a dream, making certain changes to the stimuli to help you transition into lucid dreaming. This type of dreaming is harmless and highly enjoyable.

However, during the phases in between or before, you can enjoy the healthy balance of quality sleep, refreshing you for the next day. These different features are made possible with the use of the iBand+.

How Does iBand+ Work?

The simple version of how the iBand+ works is that it uses a headband that notices EEG readings from your brain waves. However, unlike any other at-home device, the precision readings are incredibly accurate.

As it picks up on the readings, other sensors on the headband measure the amount of movements you make, the speed of your heart, and even the changes to your body temperature.

As it notices these small details about your body, the iBand+ app tracks and analyzes the data it receives. Instead of just tracking the information, this device “learns” from you, determining the different signs outwardly that you’re going through inwardly.

This learned information will make it possible for you to start lucid dreaming on a nightly basis, along with reaping all the other benefits.

The program’s pillow speakers help to deliver the audio and visual motivation that you need to drift off to sleep in a natural and healthy way. Since the program learns about you, it provides you with several selections that you can use for the evening.

You can even save the different selections you like to play again later.

About the App

The most important part of getting the data that you need is to synchronize the device with the iBand+ app. This app helps you to control nearly anything on the device, allowing you to alter the settings to match your current needs. You can switch between lucid dreaming and improved sleep, using the available icons to activate the right applications.

This app also serves to record your sleep. The information that the app records is translated into something that is easy to read, giving you information about your dream phases, heart rate, and more.

If you want to show off the different readings to your family and friends, you can display it on your computer as well.

All your sleep data is automatically saved, which means you can look back on the information to try and determine which nights you have seemed to have the most difficulty with sleep.

This app helps to put you one more step, offering recommendations on how to improve your sleeping schedule as well.

Using iBand+

While the iBand+ website doesn’t go into much detail about the use of this product, it’s very easy to understand the concept. You will need to wear the headband when you go to sleep, which will need to be activated to connect with the app.

As you go to sleep, this headband will coincide with the signals that your brain emits.

For the full set of instructions, you can either send a message to the customer service team, or refer to the instructions that will be included with the device.

Pricing for iBand+

If you’re ready to purchase this product, it’s presently available to pre-order for $309. It will soon start shipping out applicable e orders by June 2017.

You will receive multiple resources in your package. The complete set features:

  • The EEG brain sensing and health tracking headband
  • Pillow speakers with superior sound
  • USB charging cable
  • User manual download
  • Free app download

Like many new products like the iBand+, the funding for the iBand+ device comes from the Indiegogo campaign that the creators set up.

The Indiegogo Campaign

As soon as word begun to spread about the iBand+, many people starting flocking to their crowdfunding page on Indiegogo. To date, the iBand+ has raised $1,004,563, meeting the company’s original goal in October 2016.

The website is still allowing consumers to participate in some of the donations to claim their own product. You can choose from:

  • $169 plus shipping, which includes the entire kit by June 2017
  • $189 plus shipping, which is the same kit, but with a shipping date in August 2017
  • $329 plus shipping, which will give you the developer edition
  • $699 plus shipping, for five of the iBand+ sets for a major discount

Contacting the Creators of iBand+

Since the iBand+ is relatively new in the industry, the website leaves many questions unanswered. While the customer service team can’t be reached with a phone call, you can send an email to hello@ibandplus.com.

You can also follow along on the social media profiles for iBand+ on Facebook and Twitter.

iBand+ Conclusion

By choosing to use the iBand+ in your nighttime routine, there are a few things you can achieve – a great night’s sleep, an easy time waking, and an enjoyable dream life.

Even though pre-orders are still coming in, you can secure your own set before the summertime release.

Even though the iBand+ has a lot of power, it’s simply meant as an electronic product for consumers to enjoy. It is not capable of treating any conditions that you may experience in your sleep, and it will not diagnose an illness.

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