irt 5 hybrid golf club

The iRT-5 is a hybrid golf club that promises to give you high launch, great distance, and deadly accuracy. Here’s our iRT-5 golf club review.

What is the iRT-5 Hybrid Golf Club?

The iRT-5 describes itself as “a club that delivers what other hybrids only promise.” The club claims to give you high launch, deadly accuracy, awesome distance, and rock-solid consistency.

Of course, all golf clubs make similar promises. What makes the iRT-5 different from its competitors?

The unique feature on the iRT-5 Hybrid Golf Club is called “Machete Rails”. These Machete Rails purportedly “self-correct the face at impact” to give you a straighter shot. Another advantage of the rails is that they cut through rough “like a hot knife through butter”, which means you make solid contact with the ball every time.

You can see those Machete Rails when looking at the bottom of the club. They consist of five grooves running across the length of the blade. These grooves push against the rough when you’re following through with your swing, giving you a straighter and more powerful shot. They also appear to have an aerodynamic effect: when you’re swinging your club, the grooves help you keep the head of your club in line with the ball, so you make better contact even if your swing is off-line.

iRT-5 has been promoted online in recent weeks through a marketing campaign. You can see Arron Oberholser, PGA Tour winner and golf commentator, endorsing the club in various videos.

How Does the iRT-5 Hybrid Work?

The iRT-5 Hybrid looks like an ordinary hybrid club. However, the power behind the club comes from its Machete Rails located along the bottom of the club. Those rails give the club some unique features and benefits, including:

Reduces clubhead twisting to stabilize the face. You square up the club at impact, even when your swing path is off the line.

Lowers the club’s center of gravity for a much higher launch. Whether you’re shooting from tee or turf, you can power through hazards you wouldn’t be able to power through with an ordinary club.

Glides across the ground to prevent digging. Sick of digging your club into the turf? The rails provide an extra layer between you and the ground, and they allow your club to glide across the ground as you follow through with your swing. The makers of the iRT-5 Hybrid claim that their Machete Rail sole decreases turf contact by about 75%, making it a popular option in bad lies, fairway bunkers, and divots.

Cuts cleanly through thick grass for superior performance from the rough. “You’ll hit shots out of the cabbage your buddies can’t pull off from perfect lies”, explains the iRT-5 sales website.

Reduces sidespin so you can take dead aim with confidence. Your ball won’t veer wildly off line.

Overall, iRT-5 makes all of the promises you would expect on a high-quality golf club. It promises to help you shoot straighter, farther, higher, and more accurately than you would shoot with other hybrid clubs.

iRT-5 Features and Tech Specs

  • 24 degrees of loft
  • Hi-Flite graphite shaft
  • 100% conforming and legal for all play, including tournaments

iRT-5 Hybrid Pricing

The iRT-5 Hybrid is priced at $179 USD + $9 shipping ($188 total).

On the sales page, you’ll be able to choose whether you want a right or left-handed club. You can also choose your flex, including a Senior Plus Flex, Senior Flex, Regular Flex, or Stiff Flex.

All iRT-5 Hybrid Golf Club purchases come with a 60 day money back guarantee. You can try the club, play a few rounds, and decide whether it’s the right choice for you before you buy it. To request a refund, call 888-241-2460 or email customer support at

Who Made the iRT-5 Hybrid?

The sales page for the iRT-5 Hybrid claims that the club’s designers have experience with major golf equipment companies. Some of their creations have been featured on Golf Digest’s Hot List.

The company selling the iRT-5 Hybrid online is called GT, LLC. That company is based in Oklahoma at the following address:

103 S. Broadways Street
Edmond, OK 73034

You can contact the company by phone at 888-440-9525 or by email at

We couldn’t find any additional information about the manufacturer available online, like where the club is made or what other services and products they offer.

iRT-5 Hybrid Golf Club Conclusion

The iRT-5 Hybrid golf club launched on the internet in May 2017 through a large online marketing campaign. The club promises to provide deadly accuracy and great ball contact – whether you’re shooting from the tee or the rough. It also promises to correct your swing and reduce your hooks or slices. In short, the iRT-5 Hybrid promises to be everything you want in a golf club.

The secret power behind the iRT-5 Hybrid golf club lies in its Machete Rails, which are five curved rails on the bottom of the club that glide the head of the club over the turf. The curves also purportedly reduce twisting, lower the club’s center of gravity, and reduce sidespin.

Ultimately, the iRT-5 Hybrid golf club may or may not work for you. The good news is that the manufacturer offers a 60 day money back guarantee. You can try the club for yourself, play a few rounds, then return it for a full refund. The only drawback is that you need to pay for your own return shipping.

You can learn more about the iRT-5 Hybrid golf club today by visiting

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