One the most convenient and all time favorites are jerky. It’s high in protein, fun to chew on and is great in taste. While beef jerky is popular, jerky providers are starting to realize that a variety is needed. In addition to its variety, one thing that many jerkies lack is pure and rawness that undergoes minimal processing.

Krave Jerky is unlike other jerky providers because of its ability to provide consumers with a variety, enhanced flavors and seasonings, tenderness and quality. This review will analyze the Krave Jerky in terms of its purpose, its features, the different types and flavors of jerky offered and different ways of incorporating it in one’s diet.

What Is Krave Jerky?

Krave Jerky is a brand that provides consumers with the finest sources of jerky. Their ultimate goal is to ensure that consumers can finally enjoy a jerky that is all natural, contains no trace of artificial ingredients and is in its rawest form possible.

Each type of jerky offered has been marinated for over 48 hours to ensure each bite contains power packed juiciness and flavor. Most importantly, each jerky is whole-muscle cut meat. Let’s take a closer look at the different types of jerky offered.

What Makes Krave Jerky Unique?

The following list of features makes consuming Krave Jerky’s jerkies out of this world:

  • Low fat
  • Is made out of 100% lean cuts
  • Gluten free
  • Contains a good source of protein
  • Super tender
  • Low caloric

What Variety Of Products Does Krave Jerky Offer?

Krave Jerky has created different ways of enjoying lean cuts of meat and they have displayed them in the following different types of snacks:

  • Krave Sticks
  • Krave Jerky
  • Krave Bars
  • Krave Artisanal
  • Sampler Packs
  • The Krave sticks have three different flavors, such as Sesame Garlic beef with Sweet Potato, Spicy Red Pepper pork with Black Beans and Rosemary Lemon turkey with White Beans.
  • The Krave jerky have eight different flavors, such as Basil Citrus turkey, Lemon Garlic turkey, Black Cherry Barbecue pork, Grilled Sweet Teriyaki pork, Chili Lime beef, Garlic Chili Pepper beef, Sweet Chipotle beef and original Sea Salt beef.
  • The Krave bars come with four flavors. They are Wild Blueberry beef, Chipotle Cherry beef, Cranberry Thyme turkey, and Mango Jalapeno.
  • The Krave Artisanal has different flavors such as, Chardonnay Thyme turkey, Honey Peach Barbecue pork, Cabernet Rosemary beef, Five Peppercorn beef and Sesame Ginger beef.

For the first time buyers who want to try out the flavors has the option to purchase some of the delicious and soft Krave Jerky in sample packs. Where one could purchase a mix pack which contains, 2 Krave jerkies, 2 Krave bars and 3 Krave sticks or the Krave stick 9 sampler pack contains 3 different flavored meat snack sticks.

What Types And Flavors Of Jerky Does Krave Jerky Offer?

Unlike most jerky provides that only work to enhance the flavors of beef, Krave Jerky takes it a step further by providing consumers with pork and turkey jerkies as well. In addition to the various meats used to create this lovable and convenient snack, Krave Jerky has enhanced the flavor profile of each and every type of jerky offered.

How Can One Incorporate Krave Jerky In His Or Her Diets?

Krave Jerky comes up with many different combinations of delicious recipes. For an example: Krave Jerky on Chopped Citrus Salad, where one can mix all green, sliced radish, spiced pecans, sweet red onions, balsamic dressing and chopped Krave Lemon Garlic Jerky in a large bowl, mix all ingredients together and serve.

Other delicious ideas such as, one can add few of their favorite Krave Jerky flavors on a sandwich in place of regular meats or even on add a large piece of Krave Garlic Chili Pepper Beef Jerky to a jerky mary cocktail as well.

How Much Can One Expect To Invest In Krave Jerky’s Jerkies?

The cost plays an important role on any products. Krave Jerky offers wide range in prices for their protein stacks that comes with three different varieties of meat. For example a 12 pack Krave sticks is at $22.00. Even though the prices are slightly higher than average jerkies, consumers are provided with a quality cut of meat that has been grass fed.

Krave Jerky Summary

Krave Jerky is good for fueling up before yoga, snacking after a long workout or to a person on the go; one can surely appreciate a healthy and convenient snack. Krave Jerky is a good source of protein, made with lean cuts of meat, low fat, gluten free and using all natural ingredients.

It contains less than 100 calories per serving. The Krave Jerky does not stop only at beef, but also comes in pork and turkey with their respective flavors. For more information about the Krave Jerky, visit their website today.

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