Kusmi Tea is a globally renowned tea house based in France, which is noted for its unparalleled wellness tea brands and its famous recipes. It was founded 150 years ago by Pavel Kousmichoff, a Russian who first worked for a tea merchant in St. Petersburg.

Observing his devotion and diligence, this merchant felt obliged to initiate the young man into the profound mysteries of the tea trade. More importantly, he went on to present him with a small tea house as a wedding gift.

In 1917, Kousmichoff and his family were forced to go into exile from their native country after the breakout of the Russian revolution. They, in the long run, settled down in Paris, France where they quickly set up the Kusmi Tea House.

Over the passage of years, this tea house has grown from strength to strength, even after the change in its ownership in 1972. It now offers a grand total of 100 distinctive tea brands, all of which have become household names all over the globe.

This company even set up the very first ‘KusmiKiosk’ in 2015, an ecommerce website that they used to market and sell its products to the whole world. To access much more information on this remarkable company, please feel free to visit their website.

Why Is Kusmi Tea House Needed?

The tea plant which is botanically referred to as the Camellia Sinensis can only yield one type of tea leaf. However, the exact post harvesting process it is subjected to is what actually determines the exact category of tea it will ultimately be. After the harvesting of tea leaves, there are certain vital stages which must be diligently observed to obtain high quality tea. This, for the most part, includes the withering, oxidation, fermentation, and even drying processes. Since its launch over a century back, Kusmi Tea has taken it upon itself to efficiently regulate all these post-harvest processes as best as it possibly can.

In turn, this has enabled this company to provide the very best blends of white, green, black, oolong, smoked, flavored, and perfumed teas. In the last category, the Jasmine Tea is the most prominent. This given sort of tea is rolled in jasmine blooms to let it imbibe the pleasing perfume of this adorable flower. Kusmi Tea’s unrivaled experience and expertise in this matters guarantees that all its flavored and perfumed tea products are at all times very distinctive. For instance, its flavored black tea is ingeniously imbued with citrus, spices, and vanilla essences, while its flavored green tea has being imbued with bergamot and citrus essences.

Kusmi Tea Benefits

As you might already be aware, since ancient times tea has been universally acclaimed for its medicinal and wellness properties. More importantly, tea is widely known to present a multitude of significant health benefits to those who make it a point to consume it regularly. To this end, Kusmi Tea makes it its primary business to provide a wide variety of tea blends, which are renowned for the unmatched health benefits they can offer to users. To be able to fully appreciate the magnitude of these advantages, it is very essential to review some of this tea house’s most prominent tea brands.

Kusmi Tea House Green Tea Blend

Green tea is reputed to be arguably the healthiest beverage in the entire world. This particular type of tea comes packed with very potent antioxidants and nutrients, both of which are in an excellent position of boosting your overall health and well-being in a profound manner. In the first place, green tea is loaded with numerous polyphenols such as flavonoids and catechins. These sorts of antioxidants have been exhaustively proven to facilitate a truckload of health benefits. They carry out their functions primary by impeding the formation of free radicals at the cellular level.

Free radical formation, as you may probably already know, is behind what is referred to as oxidative stress. While oxidative stress is the underlying culprit that is behind a wide range of health and wellness issues which we face. For example, this troublesome occurrence can play a major role in the formation of cancerous cells within the body. As such, the risk factors of cancers like breast, prostate, and even colorectal cancer, are greatly increased due to free radical formation. Fortunately, the polyphenols present in Kusmi Tea House’s green tea can substantially minimize such occurrences.

The regular consumption of this type of tea can also significantly reduce the risk factors for many neurodegenerative disorders, two of the most notable of which are Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease. At the same time, green tea consumption can immensely boost cardiovascular health by efficiently regulating blood pressure and cholesterol levels. The antioxidants in this tea can also minimize the risk factors of type II diabetes. This is brought about by their ability to enhance insulin sensitivity and lower blood sugar levels. Kusmi Tea House’s green tea is also acclaimed for its capabilities to fast track sustainable weight loss. It does this by simply enhancing the fat burning process together with boosting metabolism.

Kusmi Tea House White Tea

In essence, the only difference between white tea and green or even black tea is the post-harvesting processes it undergoes. White tea is usually harvested much earlier than either of the other two varieties. Still, it comes with more or less the same antioxidants, only in much higher quantities. So, the exact health benefits you will be able to access by choosing Kusmi Tea House’s white tea can be much more profound. White tea can effectively boost cardiovascular health by its unparalleled capabilities to regulate cholesterol and blood pressure levels, along with improving circulation. It can also minimize the risk factors of some specific sorts of cancer and even boost sustainable weight loss.

Kusmi Tea House Black Tea

Unlike either the green or white tea varieties, black tea undergoes fermentation in its post harvesting processing. This is just what lends it its distinctive hue and flavor. Nevertheless, like the other 2 types of tea that have been reviewed here, this one also comes loaded with very potent polyphenols, all of which make it rank among some of the healthiest beverages currently in existence on the planet.

In a nutshell, Kusmi Tea House’s black tea blend can greatly improve brain function, fast track weight loss, and decrease the risk factors of numerous diseases and medical conditions. All of these health benefits, as with the other kinds of tea, stem from its uncanny ability to block the formation of free radicals at the cellular level.

Are There Any Risks?

Kusmi Tea House takes great pride in being in a position of offering the very best tea blends that are to be had in the market. To which end, it only sources its tea from farmers it works with to ensure of its quality. Like it was earlier mentioned, this given tea is then subjected to a very meticulous post harvesting processing. This goes a long way in guaranteeing a high level of potency and distinctive flavors. This definitely implies that the likelihood of any Kusmi Tea House product giving rise to serious side effects upon consumption is very low.

Kusmi Tea Summary

As you can evidently see, Kusmi Tea House is, without doubt, one of the leading players in the tea trade globally. Over its long and eventful history, this company has always been in the forefront of this industry. It now provides numerous tea blends, which are renowned for their unmatched quality aroma and distinctive flavors. Therefore, you can never go wrong by making the smart decision of settling for Kusmi Tea House products.

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