Lug focus on the design and creation of family orientated bags. It can be hard to stay organised with kids whilst having a bag that is fully functional, looks good and is suitable for both Mom and Dad to carry.

Alongside this, it can be hard for travelers to find a reliable and accessible bags when moving around so much.

Created by a couple continuously driving back and forth to each other’s hometowns, Lug was developed for all savvy globetrotters and active families. Lug bags and products are absolutely perfect for day to day use. They are durable and functional for everyone.

Lug offers something to suit the whole family in their range of gym bags, overnight bags, nappy bags, totes and even wheelies.

Zipline – The victory collection

The victory collection is designed to create a fun and fresh experience for today’s active lifestyle. Definitely wining against all other bags, in a victory of its own, are these small and convenient Zipline pouches.

Available in 4 colors, aqua teal, midnight black, heather black and lavender purple, they are block colored and are suited for everyone needing some effective storage.

Each set of Zipline pouches, contains one large and one small zip pouch, embellished with the Lug tag so you won’t have to keep telling envious people where you got these great pouches from!

These are perfect for storing smaller items on the move that don’t quite have their own home such as hair bands and hair pins, tweezers, small cosmetics, pens and pencils and even small change and receipts.

That is what makes them so versatile that you can use them for pretty much anything! Use as a makeup bag or as a wallet. These pouches are a great way to get organised and even space save and organize items that can easily be lost when travelling with luggage.

The zip seal ensures that nothing will fall out or be lost again!

Even the most unorganized people will find themselves in order and ready to face the day with these pouches!

Even if you end up into splash zone areas, these pouches have been created with the adventurous among us in mind, and are made with a water repellent finish to protect the contents and for a quick and easy clean.

A wet cloth can clean these up in no time, but if it requires a bit more of a scrub then easily wash with a mild hand detergent. They are lightweight which makes them even greater for travelling so they don’t add weight to your luggage!

They are perfect for hold luggage or carry on! These small pouches are great to slide in to your larger bags or even hand bags if you need to carry small but important items with you every day and is a great way to prevent lose items getting lost in the bottom of your bag.

They are stylish and effective for all uses! Even celebrities like Jason Mraz and Carrie Underwood think so, as they’ve been caught using Lug products.

Each Lug item is 100% Polyester except for the signature collection which is incredibly made from 100% recycled water bottles.

The victory collection also includes gym and cross body bags and backpacks.

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