Pre-workout supplements are the rage these days, and for good reason: they help you increase your performance, lift more weights, execute more reps and endure through more sets. Pre-workout supplements simply help you go the extra mile that you would never have attempted without them.

What Is Magnum Pre4/Pre-Fo?

Magnum Pre4 is the latest pre-workout supplement from Magnum Pharmaceuticals. Just released last month, this is promoted as the best and most powerful pre-workout supplement you’ll ever take.

The supplement supposedly maximizes workouts, boosts your energy levels incredibly, increases workout intensity and focus, and enhances your moods. The fast acting pre-workout supplement is supposedly does all these without leaving you with the edginess of caffeine.

As an incredible vasodilator, it is designed to help get as much blood into your muscles as possible, thus helping you get even better results from your pump.

The supplement also contains ingredients that does help with cognitive enhancement, metabolism acceleration so your body melts off fat faster than you ever thought possible, keeps you focused for far longer, enhances your strength so you can train for longer, and ensures higher workout intensity.

The company claims that users will feel the impact within minutes of ingestion, so that there’s no delay in working out. Therefore, it might be best to start taking it right before you walk into the gym or begin your sessions.

Magnum Pre4/Pre-Fo Ingredients

The Magnum Pre4 is able to produce these results courtesy of its ingredients. Pre4 ingredients include:

Citrulline Malate

Effective for increased strength, stamina and endurance. Helps prevent fatigue, boosts blood supply to muscles, and increases energy levels by getting rid of stored ammonia from the body. This is why you will often find Citrulline malate in many pre-workout supplements. It’s how you provide your body with the fuel necessary for your success in the gym.

Acetyl L-Carnitine

This plays a role in the release of dopamine, the feel good hormone that floods your body after working out. It also improves cognition, so that your mind becomes keener, sharper and elevates your mood. As a result, you’re less sensitive to pain and fatigue, thus ensuring that you do more reps and sets until you’re absolutely tired.

French Pine Bark Extract

Muscle growth often requires active vasodilation as well as the supply of copious amounts of blood to the muscle. This in part, is how your muscles grow bigger and veiny. French pine bark extract has been shown to have all these attributes, making it an outstanding vasodilator for your body.

Agmatine Sulphate

Great for improved memory, focus, mood enhancement, as well as reduce the rate at which you feel pain. People are more likely to keep working out if they don’t feel as much pain as they normally would. Agmatine sulphate ensures this.


Working out can be quite stressful and strenuous. What if you could find a way to counteract that? This is what L-theanine does. It helps relax you and eases away your stress and tension, helping you workout more and without the associated muscle cramps that athletes frequently experience.

Caffeine Anhydrous And Dicaffeine Malate

These help fire you up further by stimulating your central nervous system and providing you with loads of energy.

Bitter Orange Extract

Helps with fat melting and breakdown so that you can get ripped and lean as quickly as possible.

One jar is priced at $54.99, and offers 50 servings. Taking just 1-2 scoops can provide you with the requisite energy necessary for hours and hours of workouts and training.

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