MENOsmart Plus is an all-natural supplement formulated to help reduce the symptoms of menopause.

Whether women are suffering from increased perspiration, irritability, leg cramps, or low energy from menopause, MENOsmart Plus may help them have reduced symptoms. Please read below to learn more about MENOsmart Plus and how to purchase a bottle.

What Is MENOsmart Plus?

Women at every stage of menopause may experience a wide range of symptoms as their body adjusts. MENOsmart Plus gives women an all-natural option when it comes to supporting their symptoms without messing up their body’s hormonal balance.

By combining the popular ingredient black cohosh with a few other all-natural ingredients, MENOsmart may help reduce night sweats, improve mood, and help reduce the severity and frequency of menopausal symptoms.

How Does MENOsmart Plus Work?

MENOsmart works within the body naturally to help improve blood flow and thyroid function to boost overall health and wellness while going through menopause. Sage, black cohosh, ginseng and other plant sourced ingredients are chosen to help make menopause less of a problem in day to day life.

Users simply take two capsules at breakfast and then two capsules again at bedtime or as suggested by their doctor.

MENOsmart offers guidance to help women wean themselves off synthetic hormones. All of this should be done in cooperation with one’s doctor for best results and better health.

MENOsmart Plus Ingredients

As an all-natural supplement, MENOsmart Plus contains only pure ingredients that will help support the symptoms of menopause. Please read below for a general overview of this product’s ingredients.

Black Cohosh:

An all-natural herb gaining in popularity with natural menopause supplements due to its ability to help reduce symptoms like night sweats, headaches, depression, sleep disturbances, and overall irritability. Black cohosh does not actually affect hormones or increase estrogen; it works by supporting the vascular system.

Sage Leaf:

Each dose of MENOsmart Plus contains 300 milligrams of sage which is the well-researched level to help reduce night sweats without affecting heart rate or blood pressure levels.

Dong Quai:

Also known as Korean ginseng, this all-natural ingredient helps reduce pain and discomfort due to menstruation or PMS.

Chastetree Berry:

This plant helps naturally stimulate the pituitary gland to produce a hormone that increases progesterone.


Made from rice bran oil, gamma supports the pituitary gland and to promote better mood. Gamma-oryzanol also helps keep cholesterol levels in check.


Sourced from orange peels, hesperidin works to help improve cardiovascular health which may reduce leg cramps and hot flashes.

MENOsmart Plus is vegan and vegetarian friendly and does not contain dairy, soy, shellfish, corn, wheat or yeast. This supplement is gluten free.

MENOsmart Plus Pricing

Consumers can purchase this product online through Amazon. Each 120 capsule bottle is available for $37.48 and ships for free. also gives consumers a wide range of retailers that carry MENOsmart Plus on their website. It appears this product is available primarily at retailers in Canada but also through a few online vendors located in the United States.

Should You Use MENOsmart Plus?

As women age many people start to notice changes as they go through menopause like sluggish energy, depression, irritability, leg cramps, and vaginal dryness.

MENOsmart Plus is a supplement designed to help women reduce their menopausal symptoms naturally without affecting their body’s hormone levels like synthetic drugs. By using regularly with a doctors’ guidance this product may help reduce the uncomfortable symptoms and get women back into their normal routine with ease.

More information is available online at as well as a list of local retailers that carry the MENOsmart Plus supplement.

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