Smartphones, laptops and digital devices have all made daily life easier and more productive. Constant use of digital devices, however, has has an unexpected negative impact on one of the most important factors of health- posture.

The posture and alignment of the back and neck play a critical role in the overall health of the body, and, when not taken care of, is the leading cause of back and neck pain.

Back pain affects more than 31 million Americans every day, and is the single largest cause of disability in the world. The United States spends in excess of $50 billion dollars every year on medical back pain treatment, of which more than 80% is directly caused by poor posture.

One of the most common health conditions caused by poor posture is known as “text neck”, a painful condition in which the vertebrae of the spine are placed under a significant amount of pressure due to forward-leaning smartphone use. Poor posture can also cause jaw pain, migraine headaches, and even impair respiratory function.

Keeping on top of your posture and ensuring that you’re always aligning your neck and back in a healthy manner can be a difficult task. A new wearable tech solution currently being launched on popular crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, however, is offering health enthusiasts with an advanced and innovative solution to the problem of poor posture.

The Wearable Posture and Activity Tracker is a combination fitness tracker and posture training wearable that is able to track the movements of the user and notify them when their posture needs correcting, helping to build healthy posture habits the deliver long term benefits.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the Mevics Wearable Posture and Activity Tracker and find out how it works to help you decide whether it’s the right posture correction solution for you.

What Is Mevics?

The Mevics Wearable Posture and Activity Tracker is a groundbreaking new wearable health device that is able to detect when the user is aligning their back and neck in an unhealthy manner.

The Mevics device is being launched via Kickstarter, and has already captured media attention from health and tech publications such as TrendHunter, the High-Tech Gazette, and Gadgetsin.

The Mevics solution is intended to provide health conscious consumers with a new way of keeping on top of posture, compensating for the ever-increasing amount of time the average person spends sitting in the day.

The Mevics Wearable Posture and Activity Tracker consists of a small square wearable clip that is attached to clothing via a small magnetic capsule.

Unlike other posture training solutions, the Mevics Wearable Posture and Activity Tracker doesn’t need users to wear any large tracking headbands or necklaces.

The advanced sensor suite of the Mevics device is packed into a tiny chassis that is a quarter of the size of the average credit card, and is worn on the inside of clothing. While being worn, only the small magnetic capsule of the Mevics is visible, making it a low-profile solution.

Mevics Features & Functionality

The Mevics Wearable Posture and Activity Tracker is designed primarily to provide posture control and correction. When the Mevics solution is worn, it constantly observes the posture of the user. When poor posture, slouching, or unhealthy positions are detected, the device vibrates, reminding users to sit up straight.

In addition to posture control, the Mevics device also provides activity tracking. Machine learning algorithms built into the Mevics software allow the device to automatically detect when activities such as running are being performed, and log them.

All of the normal features you’d expect from a fitness tracker are provided but the Mevics solution, including calories burned, steps, time, and distance.

Mevics also provide a dedicated smartphone app that is available for both iOS and Android. The Mevics device pairs with the Mevics app, which provides users with the ability to review their posture health, activity progress, and even set daily movement goals.

Information is provided in concise, streamlined analytic graphs and statistics, making keeping on top of posture and fitness simple and easy.

The Mevics app also provides access to the Mevics Daily program, which delivers comprehensive information and guidance on nutrition, spine health, and sports health, delivering tips, strategies, and techniques for maximizing total body wellness.

Mevics Activity Tracker Summary

The Mevics Wearable Posture and Activity Tracker is one of the only devices available on the market, and is ideal for both health conscious consumers that want to improve their posture and parents that want to monitor the posture health of their children.

If you’d like to improve your posture with minimal fuss, the Mevics Kickstarter campaign is definitely worth backing.

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