Many scientific studies have shown that natural fruit juices are one of the most potent sources of hydration available for humans. When consumed in limited quantities, they not only provide increased cellular regeneration capacity, but also work to improve the digestive functionality of our bodies.

Since juices contain good quantities of fiber, they also work towards enhancing the overall metabolic rate of our inner systems. This leads to a direct increase in our innate ability to burn fat and thereby increase lean muscle mass.

Another major advantage of fruit juices over carbonated drinks is the fact that they contain only natural sugars. These sugars can be easily broken down and thus converted into fuel. This fuel then helps us go through our daily activities and helps us power through our work efficiently and with more focus.

However, with that being said, this does not mean that one can consume unregulated quantities of juice, as even the natural sugars after a point can get accumulated within our digestive tracts and thus cause many ailments like increased blood sugar levels, diabetes, blood pressure etc.

What Is Natalie's Orchid Island Juice?

Natalie’s origins can be traced back to a family orange grove where Marygrace Sexton (the owner of the company) was determined to expand her family business and venture into the ‘Fresh fruit juice’ market.

Since, her father was busy with the harvesting and production side of things, Marygrace took matters into her own hands and begun working towards her labor of love. Due to her commitment to this project, she named the company Natalie after her daughter.

What sets Natalie’s apart from other commercial juices is the fact that all of the fruit used in production is handpicked, and then individuals with specialized knowledge are used to extract the juices so as to obtain a natural, satisfying taste.

Word soon spread about the quality and taste of the juices being offered, and soon Marygrace had to expand operations and include other personnel to help her with managing the company.

By the 1990’s the company relocated to Florida, where all of the production was then carried out in a ‘state of the art’ facility which allowed for maximal production (all the while retaining high quality standards).

Natalie's Orchid Island Juice Features

Some of the core reasons which make Natalie’s juices stand out include:

Responsible Sourcing:

All of the fruit is harvested from locations which are sustainable and use labor that is adequately remunerated. Also, the company has ensured that the soil from where the fruit is obtained is maintained at an optimal health standard.

Freshly Squeezed:

Unlike other companies which use concentrates and other such formulas, Natalie’s juice is freshly squeezed. This ensures that users get a product that is natural and delivers optimal taste.

Completely Natural:

The company has been certified by relevant authorities, and in terms of its content, there are no additives, GMO’s, flavors or artificial agents in the mix.

Environmentally Conscious:

According to market data, Natalie’s has been found to have the smallest carbon footprint in the juice industry. Similarly, all of the product packaging is 100% recyclable, and even the raw fruit extract that remains after juice production is fed to the local cattle as fodder.


According to data available online ‘Natalie's donates over 16,000 gallons of juice to worthy causes. In addition, the company helps over 60 charitable organizations which make an impact in the communities they serve.’

Natalie's Orchid Island Juice Products

Ginger Carrot Turmeric Apple:

This solution contains the goodness of many specialized ingredients. The turmeric and Ginger help in increasing metabolic efficiency and immunity, while the carrot and apple help in restoring optimal eyesight as well as skin health.


This natural orange extract is full of sweet fruit that has been harvested from well maintained plantations. Oranges contain vitamin C which is required for optimal health as well as restoring one’s skin vitality, eyesight etc.


This variant has been bottled immediately upon extraction and allows users to reap a host of benefits including improved blood circulation, decreased toxin content, enhanced immunity response and reduced inflammatory issues.

Natural Lemonade:

This classic beverage is widely popular around the world. It is one of the most potent thirst quenchers available in the market, and it also provides various medical benefits (when used in prescribed quantities)

Apart from the aforementioned juices, there are also other flavors like Carrot Celery, Strawberry Lemonade, Pure Lime and many more variants available.

Purchasing Natalie's Orchid Island Juice

All of the juices can be purchased either in single or bulk packs through the official online portal of the company. For pricing and delivery options, the company can be directly contacted. For large orders, substantial discounts can be availed of.

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