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About Secrets of Underground Medicine Book

Americans of faith, Christians, this is a new discovery that may prevent diabetes, Alzheimer’s, or cancer. If you have loved ones that need prayer, this Christian message and discovery is one that can literally rock the nation to its core, it’s a discovery that will likely have worldwide repercussions.

There is now true photographic proof that God exists. An undeniable proof of the Creator. What’s better is that this proof is a priceless gift that could heal your sickness and aging body, even if you think you need a miracle. Especially if you think you need a miracle.

What Is God's Fingerprints?

What scientists discovered was that there were tiny formations inside every single human cell they looked at, and while studying them they realized they weren’t human. They were leftover remnants of a Divine Power, something researchers are referring to as the scared “fingerprints” of God that have been left over in our bodies since our creation. Scientists say it is the proven to be the source of human life.

At the time, these scientists didn’t know they had stumbled across what could be a life changing discovery for Americans of faith.

If you have a recent diagnosis, a disease, or if your health is failing due to age or sickness, these fingerprints can hold the key to reversing, stopping, or even reversing whatever condition you may have. These scientists believe that God’s fingerprints are directly linked to every disease of aging. Diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes, and many more.

This could be the miracle you have been praying for. Scientists have learned that these odd cellular formations could determine the exact length of your life simply because they tell your body on a cellular level, how long it should live before it fails and dies. What this means for you is that the miracle of God’s fingerprints could possibly transform your body, extending your life, while keeping you protected from the deadly diseases of aging.

Some scientists are even saying that God’s fingerprints could be able to increase your lifespan to 110-1125 years of age. You may think this sounds impossible, but it is true, and God’s fingerprints have been scientifically verified.

You won’t hear about this from your pastor or minister, from your doctor, or from Atheists. These sacred fingerprints are tiny formations are unlike anything else in your body, they are so unique that many scientists are saying they aren’t originally human at all.

If you have been praying for a cure for yourself or a loved one, know that your prayers are about to be answered, God’s power and his love are real. He has given us a way to remain eternally young and free of sickness and disease, no matter what your current condition is. You will see how one Christian doctor, America’s number one expert on longevity and anti-aging has discovered a way to harness this fingerprint to keep you younger, healthier, and free of disease.

What exactly are these “fingerprints”?

They are tiny bean like structures that exist in every cell of your body. And as inconspicuous as they look, they are the fingerprints of God, the most important thing He has put into your body.

In fact, Harvard Medical School has announced that these fingerprints appear to be linked to every single function in your body that keeps you alive. These perform the magic of taking energy from your food and transforming it into energy in your cells, and in your body.

The miraculous thing is, they don’t appear to have originated in our bodies at all. This means they have come from a divine source, they have their own DNA, different than every other part of our cellular makeup. Our unique DNA tells our bodies how to grow, look, and work, with every person's being completely different. The DNA in these cells is different, it’s unlike anything else we have in our bodies.

Recent science is now learning that God implanted these fingerprints inside of us all, and with incredible power. These unexplainable fingerprints determine whether you get diabetes, cancer, heart disease, or Alzheimer’s disease. In fact, there doesn’t appear to be a disease that is not linked to these mysterious fingerprints. These fingerprints will also determine how you age, and how long you will live.

How long will it be before your health starts to deteriorate, or until you are met with a diagnosis? Now you can decrease the speed in which you age, and allow your body to live healthier and longer.

Vitalin Q is something God intended for us to find. Vitalin Q will add new, younger fingerprints to your cells, creating a renewed youthful energy that will replace your old, degenerating cells.

Dr. Gerhauser has taken all his medical experience using Vitalin Q and has created a new protocol showing you how to stay young. For it to work, this protocol must be followed exactly, and now you can access this protocol to supercharge your results. With the addition of Ubiquinone, the Vitalin Q will work better, which is why Dr. Gerhauser has created the book The Secrets of Underground Medicine. This incredible lifesaving book is for anyone worried about Alzheimer’s. cancer, heart disease, or any other disease.

Dr. Gerhauser wrote this book as a gift for God fearing Americans who need their prayers answered. This book is a complete roadmap to the best health by using Vitalin Q and Ubiquinone. You will be able to get started immediately. No harmful drugs or prescriptions.

This brand-new kind of medicine given to us by God Himself is a perfect creation. You will have everything you’ll need to be healed, with perfect instructions on how to benefit from the God given solutions.

Your fear of getting cancer in the future, or even if you are currently battling cancer or other diseases, there is an all-natural cancer cure that works even on the most advanced stages of the disease.

The outrage lies in know that the government and doctors have known about these treatments and have done nothing to make them available. These answers lie in the Nutrient 8 Protocol, highly recommended by Dr, Gerhauser. This book reveals the shocking truth that cancer lies in all of us, and armed with information from this book, you will discover how to cure your cancer without harmful drugs.

Cancer is a $895 billion industry; Big Pharma does not want you to know about these discoveries. They would rather take your money while your families die a torturous death. But you know that God gave your body the ability to fight off diseases through NK cells in our immune systems. The problem with cancer, is that it can hide itself so the immune system doesn’t see it.

This is where Nutrient 8 Protocol comes in. This all natural extract from a tropical fruit is administered straight to the tumor, exposing the cancer cells so your immune system can attack and eradicate it. This way you are using your own God given immune system to kill the cancer.

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