For most people, snacking involves incorporating unnecessary and empty calories into their diet. Those who are tired of making the wrong dietary choices and who are ready for a change may want to try the many options that are available on the market, one of which includes a delicious, rich, and nutrient-packed cookie bar. But – not just any cookie bar – one that is also excellent for ageless skin, a toned figure, and better health in general.

Called Neocell Collagen cookie Bar, this snack option is poised to be the next go-to snack option on the market. While the product is not yet out, here is what snack lovers can look forward to based upon what is known:

  • Packed with Protein and Low in Sugar
    First and foremost, these bars are not the standard sweet treats. Instead, they taste like favorite desserts, but pack a powerful punch of protein. Each bar contains anywhere from 12 to 13 grams of protein that is optimal for muscle development, fullness, and a promising diet. Also, the bars may be cheats to sweet treats, but they are also low in sugar. Each bar contains either 2 or 3 grams of sugar.
  • Two Flavor Options
    Currently, Neocell is releasing this product with two flagship flavor options that are bound to be loved by all. The first option is Coconut Chocolate Chunk and the second is Peanut Butter Crunch.
  • Collagen
    Finally, the bars are “collagen” bars. While the brand has not explicitly stated the benefit of consuming bars with collagen, it is safe to infer that the collagen will work as it traditionally does – as a mechanism to improve skin structure, cell strength, and complexion.

While the release date is not yet known, the brand does state that the its Neocell Collagen Cookie Bars are “coming soon” to stores. Those who are interested in adding a sweet treat to their diet that does not come with all of the guilt that a traditional dessert features may want to consider these bars. To learn more, visit the brand’s website today.

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