About Patriot Health Alliance

Patriot Health Alliance states that their mission is support the energy, well-being, and health of their consumers. They advertise that they make high-quality natural dietary supplements in the USA and, while their site is a bit outdated, that seems to be the case. The company is perhaps most well known for their water filter pitcher.

They have an easy to locate contact form linked to directly from the homepage, along with a policies page that the link says details their 100% customer satisfaction guarantee but upon clicking, it’s just their site’s privacy policy (no mention of a money-back guarantee at all).

However, the footer of the website does link directly to their Returns page where they state they will issue a full refund, minus shipping and handling charges, for empty and unused bottles if consumers are not happy with their purchase for any reason. They do state that, while optional, they would love to get your feedback if possible so they can improve the experiences of future customers.

The website is Norton secured and they show multiple other badges, like Made In The USA, and McAfee’s secure badge. They clearly take keeping consumer’s information private as a serious ordeal. In their FAQ section, one of their longest questions-and-answers is related to buying online and how they have made their website safe as can be, which is certainly a good thing.

However, other FAQs state orders to Canada could take more than ten days to arrive, while US citizens should expect their packaged in 2-5 business days. They also address the question that sometimes customer service is a bit slow, which they say is because their products are in such high demand. So, if you reach out to them, you may have to wait a few days before hearing a response.

It seems like the only thing you can’t instantly find a link or inter-link to is their shop section, which requires going to the homepage to enter. And, instead of a “Buy” or “Add to cart” button, for some reason they have named it “Reorder”.

Patriot Health Alliance Products Offers

Patriot Health Alliance offers a variety of products, from their Patriot Power Greens to Digestive Freedom Plus and their Alexapure line of tabletop filtration products. Their flagship product, Patriot Power Greens, is a best-selling featuring 20 fruits and vegetables, 10 probiotics, and a total of 6 digestive enzymes in every serving. They say they’ll make a donation to active-duty troops for each purchase of 3 or 5 canisters of their Power Greens product. The price is $149 for 5 canisters and, for some reason, their site says it’s the same price for just 3 canisters…

One canister is just $49.95. While multi-packs come with free shipping, if you’re buying just one you should expect to pay $8.95 in shipping and handling charges which, remember, in case you decide to return it, those charges won’t be refundable.

They have many testimonials on their website from seniors, doctors, and retired military professionals. They also show an FAQ for their most popular products, with the FAQ section at the bottom of the Power Greens page saying that shipping will be through FedEx and it should arrive in 7 to 10 business days. Products ship from Utah in the United States and they promise to send a shipping confirmation as soon as it’s on the way.

They proudly display the Supplement Facts panel for their products, with their Power Greens containing only 20 calories in a scoop and 30 mg of sodium. It also contains 4 grams of carbs yet 2 grams of dietary fiber and less than 1 gram of sugar. It also contains just 1 gram of protein but a high 1 mg of iron (6% daily value). They also show the complete ingredients list, which contains things like beet juice powder and other fruit and vegetable powders.

Top Sellers

One of the top sellers at Patriot Health Alliance is their Patriot Pure Water Pitcher. It removes up to 87.5% of Chlorine, 90% of Fluoride, and 97.5% of lead so consumers can feel condiment about the water they’re putting into their bodies. It also removes up to 99.8% of other toxins from water, including Mercury, Arsenic, and Nitrites. Additionally, they say this pitcher does something no other product on the market can: it filters out radiological contaminants which really makes it stand-out.

The results they claim are certified and it holds up to a gallon at a time. It’s also BPA-free and the replacement filters last through 150 gallons of water and are affordable to replace.

Why Purchase From Patriot Health Alliance

Like other supplements, there’s no hard evidence yet to backup the reliability of the products or their effectiveness, but regarding the ingredients, they are comparable to other competitors. Additionally, while their site isn’t exactly modern, they do have a functioning payment system and send tracking numbers for every order. They are also easy to reach if there are any problems, though there may be a slight delay during peak production times.

As far as their highly-acclaimed filtration system goes, the specific benefits include the ability to filter out a high percentage of toxic contaminants and the unmatched ability to filter out radiological contaminants, which they claim no other pitcher does.

Although there appears to be a pricing glitch on the Patriot Power page, their site is secure and laid out effectively. They provide their mailing address and phone number in case the on-site live chat and email contact form doesn’t do the job for you.

Any Negatives?

The biggest negative would be that their site is a bit old school. While this doesn’t seem to inhibit the ordering process, with the exception of a possible pricing error that will get you two canisters of Patriot Power for free, it can be a bit finicky to browse around. Additionally, being supplements, no hard evidence really exists to backup the notions made by green drinks and other products, although they seem to be well made.

Where To Buy Patriot Health Alliance Products?

Patriot Health Alliance products are sold directly on their website where you can buy one or multiples of their products. Rather than a traditional cart function where you could shop around and potentially purchase multiple things, if you’re interested in buying a canister of Patriot Power, you’ll be asked to checkout right there on the product page. You’ll select how many you want to the left and then enter your information in their “secure order form” to the right. Again, they seem to take privacy very seriously.

You can purchase their filtration system direct from their website, and they also sell replacement filters in multi-packs at prices comparable to market value of other filtration systems.

The Verdict On Patriot Health Alliance

Patriot Health Alliance is definitely a legitimate company. While supplements have not been properly studied no matter which company you’re buying from, Patriot Health Alliance is definitely a strong competitor. Their ingredients lists seem to be high-quality and comparable to others in the industry, and their pricing is quite fair as well. If you run into a glitch or two when buying online, support shouldn’t be too hard to reach, although they may be delayed slightly if it’s a particularly busy time for them.

The biggest issue you may run into is that you’ll be forced to buy products separately if you want to buy two different items. You’ll have to purchase the item on the individual order pages rather than adding them to your cart. If that’s a problem for you, you might be able to place an order over the phone.

Although their website’s homepage links out to policies, a contact form, the FAQ section, and other pages, the homepage is also the only way to reach the “Store” section of their website. However, once there, browsing can be a little less than smooth. With no categories or search function, you’ll have to scroll through their entire list of products. Additionally, some products show two buttons, A “Reorder” (i.e., “Buy Now”) button and a “Learn More” button which will take you to an informational sales page for the product that you’ll have to use your browser’s back button to get out of.

Their top-selling filtration system is highly-rated and very effective for those seeking a water filtration device. Filters are affordable and last a long time, and they remove more contaminants than any other filter on the market, making them a leader in the tabletop consumer filtration industry.

All in all, if you can put up with the slightly outdated website, it seems like you’ll be getting good products. If you run into any issues, support is helpful, US-based, and easy to reach. Although it may be cumbersome to have to order each item individually, they do have a 100% money back guarantee if you change your mind, although in all their bragging about that, they seem to have failed to mention how long that guarantee is valid—meaning it must be an incredible lifetime policy!

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