Before diving into the product we should do a bit of digging into what makes air pollution such a public health crisis on a global scale. According to recent statistical data that has been made available, it has been shown that almost 92% of the world’s population is currently breathing unhealthy air. To prevent such a scare, we should first look towards understand the causes of this issue and then look to finding a portable solution.

At this point we should also understand that airborne pollutants that we are constantly surrounded by are made up of chemicals and ultra-fine dust that typically floats in the air around us. Under such classifications, we can see that there are four main pollutants that are most harmful to our health.

What Is Plume Labs Flow?

Flow is an all new external ‘measuring device’ that helps us detect any impurities that might be in the air surrounding us. The machine uses cutting edge technology and is able to help us correctly identify the amount of harmful matter that might be in our immediate surroundings. Some of the key aspects of Flow include:


In its basic essence, the machine allows us to know what we are breathing. The device has been shown to measure the most harmful pollutants both in indoor and outdoor locations. Flow is mobile, personal and can be integrated quite simply into our daily lives. It can be used when we are commuting, out with our kids, or even kicking back at home.

Clean Air Detection:

Owing to its ultra fine sensors, Flow is able to find clean air wherever we may go. In addition to this, the Join web community allows for the mapping of air in our city. The companion app helps us improve our routines with access to crowd-sourced street-level pollution data.

Increased Protection:

When used skillfully, Flow can help protect us and our loved ones. Apart from its detection capabilities, the device is also able to send/receive alerts and personal recommendations to help us escape pollution that we might be surrounded by.

Plume Labs Flow Features

Custom Array Sensors:

There is a multi tracking sensor system within the device. This system allows us to keep accurate track of pollutants that commonly present in our environment. Detectable elements include PM2.5 PM10 NOx VOC.

360 degree Air Detection:

To increase the overall efficacy of the device, the overhead sensors have been made for maximum air circulation. Through the intake of standardized air, the accuracy of the device can be increased quite significantly.

Immediate Results:

The system gives users one touch access to discreet and immediate exposure feedback. The inbuilt AI is extremely advanced and is able to calculate the levels of pollution within seconds of exposure.

Plume Labs Flow Other Information

Intuitive Controls:

In order to provide maximum device usefulness, the manufacturer has tried to push the boundaries of science to fit unparalleled pollution tracking power into our hands. Flow features AI-driven algorithms that are intuitive and constantly learn from millions of data points to help deliver us with personalized, actionable data.

Attractive Design:

The company values the aesthetic components of its product quite significantly. Thus, Flow's sleek and elegant design features silhouette, reliable materials, and a versatile strap.

Sustainability aspect:

We can also look at Flow for its benefits to mankind in general. Though its monitoring functionality, we can keep tabs of leaves so that we can keep our communities healthy.

How Plume Labs Flow Works

Studies have shown that tracking of air quality levels around us can help us build routines that significantly reduce our exposure to pollution. Flow features an environmental AI along with an app that analyses data gathered by the sensors to give us real-time, actionable feedback to avoid air pollution. All of the technology is fit seamlessly within a powerful and reliable device that can be carried anywhere and breathes what we breathe

The device is wearable device and has been made by an outstanding team of engineers, data scientists, and atmospheric researchers who after 3 years of R&D and rigorous testing in the lab came up with this novel tracking solution.

Other Details

  • The device features a 12 bulb LED display system that is highly energy efficient.
  • Flow is compatible with smartphones that feature iOS 9 and above. Similarly, for android users, the Os should be version 5 or higher.
  • Easy Recharge: the unit features a usb C hub that allows for seamless battery recharging on the go.

Purchasing Plume Labs Flow

Plume Labs Flow can be easily bought from the company’s official website. A single unit is priced at $139.99 and comes with free delivery options within the United States. All payments can be made via safe means such as PayPal, MasterCard and Visa.

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