Riddex Pulse is a device designed to eliminate mice, roaches, and rats by use of a plug-in unit. It is available on the company website, Amazon, Walmart and many on line retailers.

What Is Riddex Pulse?

It is a simple fact – sometimes we have unwanted visitors to our homes: roaches, mice, ants, and bugs!! We search the paper, phone book and on line to find an exterminator to come to our home, but they are expensive and often pressure us to sign up for a monthly maintenance program.

So, we try a less expensive route – we go to the store and buy chemicals, but so many of them are not safe around our children, pets, or even food in our home. So many of the chemicals in those products can cause allergies and even breathing problems.

And do we really want to handle all those chemicals monthly for the upkeep of the product when the side effects can be detrimental to our health? So, what are we to do?

Riddex Pulse has the answer! They have created a safe, non-chemical, non-toxic, no contract with an exterminator approach to eliminating mice, rats, and roaches from our home.

When these pests grow and roam in the walls, attics, kitchen and baths of our homes, they may not be taken care of by the chemical solutions. And even if they are, they leave the pests dead, in our homes, causing us to pick up and dispose of their bodies!!

Riddex Pulse is the fast, effortless way to help rid your home of mice, rats and roaches, guaranteed. This is a plug-in unit that drives the pests from your home, which means there will be nothing left behind – no dead pests, no traps, and no poisons or chemicals. It is completely safe around your children, pets, and food.

One unit covers multiples rooms in your home or apartment. No contracts needed, no monthly maintenance needed, and this unit starts working right away. Additionally, it has a built-in nightlight and LED indicator for your convenience, so you will always know it is on and working.

Riddex Pulse Benefits

Let’s review Riddex Pulse’s many benefits:

  • No monthly exterminator visits or expensive contracts
  • Safe around children, pets, food and electronic devices
  • Simple, revolutionary plus in device
  • No dead pests or traps left behind in your living space
  • Covers multiple rooms in your home or apartment
  • Convenient built-in nightlight and LED indicator, so you know it is constantly working
  • Top selling pest control device offered on the market today
  • No refills needed, no monthly spray by homeowner
  • No chemicals, alleviating any chance of allergies to chemical spray ingredients
  • Non-toxic
  • No dangerous fumes or smelly odors
  • Comes with a 30 day money-back guarantee

How Riddex Pulse Works

Riddex Pulse works by way of technology. It is a plug-in device for household and residential use that plugs into a 110V outlet in your home. The patented digital pulse technology begins working right away, giving you wide and continuous coverage in your home.

This revolutionary, simple, plug-in device sends digital impulses through the wiring in the walls of your home sending rats, mice, and roaches scurrying away from your home. The digital pulse does not affect or interfere with the electronic devices in your home.

There are no chemicals, no dead pests, no monthly visits from an exterminator, and no monthly contracts with an exterminator. Riddex Pulse eliminates these inconveniences.

Using Riddex Pulse

Using Riddex Pulse could not be easier. It is a simple plug in device. Simply plug the Riddex Pulse into a 110-volt outlet in your home and let it do all the work for you. One unit covers many rooms in your home.

Purchasing Riddex Pulse

To purchase your Riddex Pulse, go to the company website and complete the order form to buy one, get one free – pay $29.95 plus processing and handling of $17.95. (Taxes will apply to Florida and California orders. See official site for list of some state shipping and/or tax requirements.)

Though the company website states this is available only on their site, this reviewer found it on Amazon for $14.84 for a single unit, and on many other on line sites.

Riddex Pulse Customer Service

To contact customer service regarding your Riddex Pulse purchase, phone 1-800-283-3042 or email riddex@webcsr.info

Riddex Pulse Conclusion

There are many ways to deal with unwanted pests in your home; however, many of them require exterminator visits and contracts, or the use of chemicals that can be dangerous to our family, pets, and food.

Riddex Pulse is a simple, electronic device that uses digital pulse technology through a plug-in device in your home. No chemicals. No contracts. Try Riddex Pulse and alleviate the problems unwanted pests can bring to your home.

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