A new trend is brewing today, and that is rocket oxygen. Sure, oxygen is free but rocket oxygen comes in different flavors and scents.


Basically, ROCKET OXYGEN is an aerosol canister that is pressurized with 90-93 per cent pure oxygen with flavor or scent added. The canister has either a mouth piece, an air tube or a spray nozzle. You can take two or three deep breath then seal it up.

ROCKET OXYGEN bottles come in different sizes. Unlike those used by scuba divers which have to be strapped on one’s back and are quite heavy, rocket oxygen cans are designed for everyday use hence smaller and lightweight. Their size ranges from small weighing mere ounces and large weighing several pounds. The mouth piece is shaped like a mouth guard. To use it, just insert into your mouth then take a long deep breath.


Uses of ROCKET OXYGEN do exist mainly during times when more oxygen is needed. To begin with, marathon runners can benefit from a few puffs or 90 percent oxygen. It will enable their muscles to last longer. For country skiers, mountain bikers or mountaineers who are not willing to carry a 20lb canister, this 6inch can be extremely useful.

Also, breathing pure oxygen can help alleviate asthma attack, severe headaches and migraines. It can be used to counter sleeping problems and by persons with low oxygen Lavela- the main cause of anemia-to maintain sufficient oxygen levels.

Due to its portability, rocket oxygen is ideal for first aid in situations where emergency oxygen is required. It can also be used to reduce fatigue, stress, hangover and other symptoms.

During extreme sporting activity, rocket oxygen can be used to recover worn out muscles quickly. It can also be used during asthma and respiratory attacks to reinforce breathing and as a life saver during heart attacks.

Rocket oxygen is therapeutic for pregnant women as well as old people. It helps to slow down the aging process of human cells and improve the overall immune system of the body.

Lastly, this product can be used as a very powerful detoxifier.

  • Rocket oxygen can be used in the following places
  • In the gym, during and after workout.
  • On mountains with high altitude.
  • At work to maintain energy and mental sharpness
  • At home to help you stay alert, feel relaxed and energized.
  • When cycling and hiking.

Cons Of Inhaling ROCKET OXYGEN

Oxygen toxicity is possible which can lead to the collapse of lungs. However, this can only happen if you inhale many dozens of these bottles continuously.


Though bottled oxygen is an interesting innovation, it is quite expensive. An average canister costs about $50 and offering about 30-150 breadths depending on size and brand.

However, as rocket oxygen becomes common and ore demanded, prices may drop making it more affordable.


Adequate level of oxygen is important in maintaining fighting diseases in our bodies as well as enhancing our energy levels. With air pollution causing reduced levels of atmospheric oxygen, rocket oxygen can help us maintain sufficient levels of oxygen in our bodies.

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