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The Gear Fit Pro is scheduled to be announced at Samsung’s Tizen Developer event taking place on May 16th and 17th in San Francisco. Here’s an early look at the Samsung Gear Fit Pro.

What Is Samsung Gear Fit Pro?

The Samsung Gear Fit Pro is an upcoming wearable from Samsung. Like the original Gear Fit and Gear Fit 2, the Gear Fit Pro is designed to fuel your active lifestyle by tracking activity, monitoring your environment, and playing music, among other smartwatch-style features.

Why is the Gear Fit Pro such a big deal? Two reasons: it’s an upgrade to last years Gear Fit 2; and, it will run on the Tizen operating system. Tizen is Samsung’s homegrown mobile OS based off Android. We’ve seen certain wearables, TVs, and other electronics running Tizen, so it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Tizen on the Gear Fit Pro.

The latest rumors online state that Samsung will announce the Gear Fit Pro at this week’s Tizen Developer event taking place in San Francisco. Samsung will reveal full details of the Gear Fit Pro on either May 16 or May 17.

What Do We know About Gear Fit Pro?

The rumors were first reported by mobile tech blog Sammobile. We know the device is going to be called the Gear Fit Pro because the South Korean manufacturer trademarked the name earlier this year. Reports also show that the tracker will have a model number of SM-R365. Aside from that, we know very little about the device.

However, here’s a quick overview of everything we think we know about the Gear Fit Pro:

  • It runs on the Tizen operating system
  • It has the model number SM-R365
  • It’s likely a successor to the Gear Fit 2, which originally launched in June 2016
  • If the Gear Fit Pro is a successor to the Gear Fit 2, then we can expect similar features – like a standalone music player, increased memory storage, and a 1.5-inch super AMOLED curved display
  • The Gear Fit 2 also came with sensors like a built-in GPS (something we didn’t see on the original Gear Fit) as well as a barometer; these features let you track walking, running, cycling, and other activities, even if you didn’t have a connected smartphone
  • The barometer on the Gear Fit 2 let you count floors and elevation changes, so the Gear Fit Pro will likely have a similar feature
  • The Gear Fit 2 took heart rate readings every 10 minutes, with more frequent readings taking place during exercise
  • Expect sensors like a heart rate sensor, gyroscope, and accelerometer, on the Gear Fit Pro

As you can see, most of what we know about the Gear Fit Pro comes from the features of the original Gear Fit 2. The Gear Fit Pro is likely designed as a successor to the Gear Fit 2, so it makes sense that the Gear Fit Pro would have all of these features and more.

The Gear Fit Pro Will Launch Alongside Gear POP

The recent Gear Fit Pro rumors have mentioned one other key fact about the tracker: it will be launched alongside another device called the Gear POP, also known as the SM-R600. However, it’s not quite clear what the Gear POP will be.

Some believe the Gear POP will be a cheaper, more colorful wearable marketed towards budget users and kids (similar to the Withings Activite Pop). Others believe it will just be a version of the Gear Fit Pro without GPS onboard.

What Is Samsung Tizen Developer Conference?

The Samsung Tizen Developer Conference is a tech conference taking place in San Francisco on May 17 and 18, 2017.

The conference focuses on Samsung’s Tizen operating system. Today, most Samsung devices run on Android. However, Samsung has been actively developing Tizen throughout the years as its own alternative to Android.

Tizen has been featured on a number of Samsung products, including TVs, phones, and wearables – so it makes sense that a Tizen-powered Gear Fit Pro would be unveiled at a Tizen Developer Conference.

Gear Fit Pro Pricing And Release Date

The Gear Fit Pro has not yet been announced. We’ll tell you more as soon as more information about the Gear Fit Pro is announced in the coming days!

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