Sheer Test is a daily testosterone booster that helps athletes give their body extra support in building lean muscle mass while also boosting libido.

Additionally, Sheer Test is formulated to help reduce body fat and improve workout stamina. Please read below to learn more about Sheer Test and how to purchase a bottle.

What Is Sheer Test?

Men of all ages may benefit by adding a testosterone booster to their daily supplement routine. This is especially true for men who are athletes or workout regularly and are looking to improve their muscle growth without sacrificing their libido.

Sheer Test combines common ingredients like Eurycoma longifolia and Gingko Biloba with zinc, vitamin D, and fenugreek to enhance blood flow and boost nitric oxide levels and free testosterone throughout the body. When taken daily users may notice an improvement in their body’s athletic stamina and lean muscle growth overtime.

How Does Sheer Test Work?

Combining a mix of testosterone boosting ingredients alongside the minerals zinc and magnesium, Sheer Test is formulated to help improve athletic performance and improve lean muscle growth.

Users simply take three capsules of Sheer Test each morning for best results. As with all workout supplements it is recommended to consult with a doctor prior to using especially if consumers have pre-existing medical conditions.

Who Makes Sheer Test?

Manufactured by Sheer Strength Labs, Sheer Test is part of a larger workout supplement line designed to help men achieve their greatest health. Sheer Strength Labs is based in Austin, Texas and manufactures all of their products in the United States.

All Sheer Strength Labs products come with a thirty day satisfaction guarantee. This means that if consumers are unhappy with their purchase they are eligible for a full refund within thirty days of the purchase date.

Sheer Test Ingredients

Many testosterone boosters combine a mixture of all-natural ingredient plus an unknown proprietary blend. Supplements manufactured by Sheer Strength Labs are different since this company is committed to offering consumers full ingredient transparency. Read below for a general ingredient overview.


A Mediterranean plant that is used for a variety of health issues including erectile dysfunction, infertility, and low libido. Each three capsule dose of Sheer Test contains 500 milligrams.

D Aspartic Acid:

Added to Sheer Test for its ability to help regulate testosterone levels within the body helping ensure men have the proper amount for the body’s physical demands whether in the gym or in the bedroom.

Vitamin D:

Many adults are deficient in vitamin D and taking a daily supplement will help enhance athletic performance while boosting overall bone strength.

Eurycoma Longifolia:

The root of this Asian evergreen has been used by men for centuries to help boost sexual stamina and athletic endurance. Eurycoma longifolia’s chemical makeup helps boost testosterone levels naturally.

Gingko Biloba:

Commonly used as part of Chinese Traditional medicine, gingko helps boost blood flow which leads to better overall health and physical performance.


One fourth of the body’s magnesium levels are held in the muscle, by taking a supplement containing this mineral men can help improve their body’s muscle growth and overall stamina.


As men age their body’s zinc levels naturally decline which can lead to reduced physical stamina and low libido.

Sheer Test Pricing

The purchase of Sheer Test can be made online through Amazon where each ninety count bottle is available for $35.97.

Consumers can also join the Amazon Subscribe and Save program and receive this supplement automatically delivered every two weeks up to every six months.

When purchased as part of the Subscribe and Save program each bottle is five to fifteen percent less depending on total quantity of subscribed items.

Each purchase of Sheer Test comes with free access to “The Muscle Building Report” which is a $37.00 value and will give athletes guidance on how to build lean muscle mass quicker while utilizing this supplement.

Sheer Test Summary

Adult men of all ages may benefit by adding a testosterone booster to their daily routine. Sheer Test appears to be an option worth considering although there is limited information available online. Interested consumers can learn more about Sheer Test on Amazon where they can also place an order if desired.

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