StemTech's main goal is create stem cells that rejuvenate. This helps to repair and replace organs that are failing within the body.


What Is StemTech?

This company was founded by Ray Carter and Christian Drapeau in 2005. They are based in California.

Prior to StemTech International, Drapeau had zero experience in MLM ventures. According to his bio on their official website, he is a neurophysiologist and a research scientist, with over 15 years of research in the food and nutrition fields.

Carter has over 20 years experience in marketing and direct sales. However, the only mention of Carter's past in these fields was that he was a distributor with Amway years ago.

The Product

The StemTech product line was designed to support your body's adult stem cells. They have a variety of products that are all natural and have been clinically tested.

Here are the eight different StemTech products:

  • StemEnhance

This is their flagship product. It is billed as being the first all-natural product that has been documented to support the release of adult stem cells naturally from within the marrow of the bone.

StemEnhance contains Aphanizomenon Flos-aquae (AFA). This is a patented concentrate of Mobilin, an edible botanical that is aquatic.

They claim that the StemEnhance product can increase the amount of current adult stem cells by roughly 3-4 million.

Although StemEnhance is supposed to be the flagship product, you can't seem to be able to buy it in the U.S.

  • SE2

SE2 is also supposed to release and replace stem cells from inside your bone marrow. It is difficult to see how different this product is from StemEnhance

A one month supply will cost you $63.95.

  • StemFlo

StemFlo is comprised of a mixture of special enzymes and antioxidants that are supposed to support circulation in even the smallest of capillaries.

A monthly supply of StemFlo retails at $59.95.

  • ST-5 with MigraStem

This product is supposed to provide all of the balanced nutrition your body needs on a daily basis to ensure optimal health, through vitamins, high quality protein, minerals, fiber and enzymes.

One month of ST-5 with Migrastem sells for $59.95.

  • StemSport

This is a combination of StemEnhance and StemFlo. StemSport was designed to help the body renew itself by increasing your adult stem cells and help to speed up recovery from sports and training.

StemSport retails for $129.95 for a one month supply.

  • StemPets

This is a patented enhancer for pet's stem cells. Designed for small to medium-sized pets. It retails for $39.95.

  • StemEquine

As the name implies, this Stemtech product is for horses. A monthly supply also costs $39.95.

  • DermaStem

This product is oil based, and includes many all natural ingredients that help to rejuvenate your skin by fighting oxidative stress and premature aging.

The Opportunity

Affiliates of StemTech are compensated through commissions and bonuses from the sales of their products.

They have different membership levels, car bonuses and different monthly incentives as well.

At the Supervisor level, you make a 5% commission on retail sales, while at the Director level, it goes up to 20%.

They use a unilevel program, so that everyone who you get to sign up goes directly beneath your level. There are six different levels in total.

They also have Fast Track Bonuses where if a recruit buys a package for $299, the one who recruited him/her receives $50 and the first Director in line gets $25.

There are many other financial perks that are available, I suggest that you visit their web site to get all of the details.

The Verdict

I'm not a doctor, nor do I claim to be educated on stem cell research and development. I guess I just have to take their word on what StemTech claims their products will do.

The program itself seems a little sketchy in my opinion. There doesn't seem to be a lot of emphasis placed on retail sales, and at the Affiliate level, commissions aren't paid out at all.

I personally would look elsewhere if I was considering starting up a home-based business using MLMs.

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