True Broc

The body needs very specific nutrients in order to function properly. For a long time, with information being so limited, these nutrients were inadvertently consumed in their many forms, from fruits and vegetables to meats.

However, as science and the understanding of the body has advanced, people now know exactly what their bodies need to function ideally. More importantly, they know the best places to find these very specific nutrients.

Truebroc is a nutritional ingredient made from glucoraphanin, a powerful antioxidant.

Over the past several years, as the importance of antioxidants have become more well-known, people have been looking for convenient and efficient ways to consume more of these important compounds.

Truebroc makes it easier to get the amount of glucoraphanin the body needs to cleanse itself from toxins, increasing strength and health.

What Is Truebroc?

Created and manufactured by Brassica, Truebroc is a branded form of glucoraphanin, or an ingredient designed by the company to be used in other products.

Brassica Protection Products, or BPP, has long been an innovator and leader in the research and development world, specifically in the realm of nutritional ingredients.

Through the years, BPP has become most well-known for creating ingredients from cruciferous vegetables, like kale, Brussel sprouts, and, of course, broccoli.

When BPP discovered how rich broccoli seeds were in glucoraphanin, a powerful antioxidant, the company created Truebroc, an ingredient that can be used in supplements and food products.

Truebroc is the perfect solution for those who know they need to consume more vegetables, for their varying health benefits, but struggle to do so.

In order to make the consumption of glucoraphanin easier, BPP has created a line of products that contain Truebroc.

These products include teas and coffees, making them the perfect addition to any morning.

By adding these easy to use products to a daily routine, users will greatly increase the amount of glucoraphanin they consume on a daily basis, supporting their overall health and wellness.

What Is Glucoraphanin?

In order to better understand Truebroc and its many benefits, a more general understanding of glucoraphanin is needed. To start, glucoraphanin is a powerful antioxidant that is found in high amounts in the seeds of broccoli.

Everyone knows that eating vegetables is essential to staying healthy. However, until recently, the reasons behind why vegetables were so beneficial to health was unknown.

Now, as science and technology has advanced, very specific compounds have been pinpointed, like glucoraphanin.

Due to the better understandings of how vegetables work in the body, the phytonutrient glucoraphanin has been discovered to be the main reason broccoli is so healthy.

The potent antioxidant works within the body to decrease inflammation and prevent further damage from free radicals.

The problem with glucoraphanin is that its amounts in broccoli varies in different plants, so depending on fresh or frozen broccoli as a glucoraphanin source can be precarious.

Studies have found that broccoli has the highest levels of glucoraphanin in its seeds or in three day old sprouts. Truebroc turned to the seeds of broccoli in order to get the glucoraphanin it needs to support the health and wellness of its customers.

True Broc Benefits

As mentioned repeatedly above, glucoraphanin is an antioxidant.

Because Truebroc uses the most powerful form of glucoraphanin in its ingredient, the many benefits that come with consuming antioxidants can be found when using the product.

Truebroc aids in boosting the natural defenses of the body, preventing oxidative stress. As the world becomes more polluted, the body is constantly exposed to pollutants and toxins, which build up in the system.

Truebroc aids users by cleansing these contaminants from the body, boosting the immune system.

Besides just clearing the body of toxins, Truebroc also works to protect the body from future damage caused by the environment. The cells in the body are at constant risk for being stressed by contaminants from the environment.

While Truebroc can get rid of these stressors, it also strengthens the cells so they are protected from any future damage caused by pollutants. And because Truebroc works for up to 72 hours in the body, this support will last for days, not hours.

Truebroc is also ideal for maintaining a healthy inflammatory response within the body. One of the key causes for most health conditions is connected to some form of inflammation.

When the body becomes inflamed constantly, the response system used by the body begins to malfunction.

Truebroc is able to prevent any issues caused by continuous inflammation by supporting the body’s natural, healthy responses, decreasing inflammation throughout the body.

True Broc Products

While Truebroc may soon be available in multiple products, BPP has created its own line of drinks for those who want to start on their glucoraphanin journey as soon as possible.

By adding Truebroc to teas and coffees, BPP makes it easier than ever to get the boost of glucoraphanin needed to stay healthy and well.

Brassica Tea is the first product sold by the company. The gourmet Sencha green and black tea contains 15mgs of Truebroc in each serving.

Coming in seven different varieties, including decaf, these teas work within the body to detox for long-term results. The second product sold by BPP is Brassica Coffee.

Coming in a light and a dark roast, these all-natural coffees also contain 15mgs of Truebroc in each serving. BPP made sure it had a coffee for every customer, which is why it offers beans from Brazil, Guatemala, Colombia, and Arabica.

At the moment, Brassica drinks can be purchased on the company website. The teas start at $6.99 and the coffees start at $10.69, though Brassica does offer discounts for those who purchase in bulk.


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