A lot of men face the problem of working out regularly, but not receiving adequate results. A majority of individuals who go to the gym carry the common misconception that since they go to the gym, they will be able to efficiently increase their overall lean muscle mass easily.

However, physical development does not work this way, and many men who fail to get adequate results are often lacking in key essential hormones. When the production of Testosterone and other key hormones is low, the user will feel dull and will not be able to develop tendons and tissues quickly and effectively in his/her body.

Similarly, poor hormonal balance could also be the reason why many people are not able to sculpt their physiques. When the levels of estrogen and other female hormones start to increase in male bodies, they start to have adverse effects on our overall cellular development.

Essentially, when we optimize our male hormone levels (especially testosterone), and train correctly, the muscle development rate can increase quite drastically (results can be observed in as little as 3 weeks).

In terms of common practices related to increasing hormone production, experts recommend that individuals focus on explosive heavy resistance training (but not often enough to induce stress).

Similarly, nutritionists have found out that quite often people suffering from low testosterone levels often suffer from deficiencies of key minerals like Magnesium, Zinc and Boron.

What Is Testro X?

As is suggestive of the name, TESTRO-X is an all new ‘100% All Natural Muscle Building Support system’. In terms of its potent capabilities, the supplement has been found to be the only ‘complete hormonal support supplement that has been founded upon 52 peer-reviewed studies’.

From a compositional standpoint, the product has been infused with 9 properly dosed natural ingredients that help users build muscle, increase strength, and lose stubborn body fat. Some of the key features of TESTRO-X include:

Muscle Mass Development:

As mentioned earlier, the key active agents in the mix have been especially designed to aid in faster muscle fiber production. Also, the supplement has been found to aid in faster amino transfer into the cellular energy sites of our bodies (thereby allowing for immediate strength/ power gains).

Fat Loss:

Another key advantage of Testro X is its ability to target stubborn fat deposits that may have accumulated as a result of years of unhealthy choices. The ingredients in the mix gradually target lipid formations, and melts them away using a bi-functional metabolic pathway.

Increased Energy Levels:

When the energy levels of an individual are maintained at a high level, then the person is better able to push himself at the gym. The potent compounds within the supplement have been designed to aid in faster energy release so that workout potentials can be maximized.

Decreased Stress Levels:

There are a few efficacious mental enhancers in the mix which help in the release of anti-stress agents like Dopamine and Serotonin When this happens, a person is able to concentrate more on the workout regime at hand, and think less about other unwarranted stuff (thoughts related to work and other social activities).

All in all, If users are looking for a supplement that can help them improve their body's hormonal production capacity, help them build muscle/lose fat more effectively and increase energy and vitality, then TESTRO-X can meet all of their needs and requirements.

Testro X Other Features

Each purchase of Testro X comes with a copy of THOR (a fitness guide/program). In terms of its contents, THOR has been described as ‘the only online elite fitness program based on rigorous research that helps you train to build muscle and gain strength in the right areas by optimizing your own male hormones to the maximum level’.

The program is fully digital and comes in a PDF format. Some of the key features of the system include:

Highly Specialized:

Each of the workout plans outlined in the guide have been crafted to especially raise metabolic functionality as well as improve hormone production capacity in individuals.

Nutritional Information:

The system makes use of something commonly known as ‘Flexible Nutrition’ that has been used widely in many clinical studies. Through the use of this technique, users will be able to burn off their fat deposits more easily and reach their desired physical goals efficiently.


Instead of just shoving many workouts throughout the course of the week, Thor has made use of a ‘Multiple Training Splits system’ that has been designed to fit the user's schedule (and incorporate any heavy office days, social commitments etc).

Testro X Reviews

The online response to this supplement has been quite phenomenal. Nearly all of the people who have made use of this supplement for a period of 2-4 weeks have commented upon its efficacy and potency.

Satisfied customers include Mike J who says ‘This product gives me more energy, and helps me get through a tough day. It also works great with other similar supplements.’ Similarly, Gerald M says ‘I believe it's working. To be honest I've missed a few days, but when I'm taking them regularly I feel like I have more energy.’

Lastly, Dolomar K says ‘Love it. I was worried about getting extra aggressive or irritable, but I still feel like me, only better.’

Purchasing Testro X

A single bottle of the supplement contains 90 capsules and has been priced at $46.71. However, upon purchases of 2 or more units, heavy discounts can be availed of. All orders can be placed on the official webpage of the company, and payments can be completed using a host of safe and secure means like PayPal, Maestro and Visa.

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