Menopause is a period in life that all older women will have to experience. However, menopause has become something that is dreaded, as the body changes and many struggle to find balance.

Thankfully, there are many options for those who need support during this time in their lives. At the forefront of all these options is Menopace, a supplement that has been specifically designed to help combat the many symptoms of menopause.

Because Menopace uses natural ingredients to support its users, it is a safe and effective way to bring balance back to their lives.

What Is Menopace?

Created and manufactured by Vitabiotics, a company that is considered a leader in the supplement industry, Menopace is a line of supplements that meet the varying needs of women going through menopause. During the menopause process, hormones in the female body begin to decrease, wreaking havoc on health.

Menopace products work by providing an effective, nutritional support during this period of time. Using vitamins, minerals, and even probiotics, these supplements bring a steadiness to a time of change that causes issues for so many women.

While the Menopace line started with Menopace Original, Vitabiotics now offers five additional products for its users. These Menopace supplements are able to provide a more comprehensive support for users, focusing on specific issues experienced through menopause.

For women looking for a little extra nutritional support to make the change experienced during menopause more bearable, Menopace and its many derivatives are the perfect solutions.

Menopace Varieties & Benefits

As mentioned above, while Menopace started out with just one product, as demand grew for menopausal support, Vitabiotics expanded its line of products. Now, women can choose from six unique Menopace options, picking the ones that will best provide them support during their time of change.

A list of these products, their prices, and a brief description of each can be found below.

Menopace Original – £7.25

The foundation of all Menopace products, this Original supplement was designed around the idea that the female body needs very specific nutrients to provide balance during the menopause process.

The 22 nutrients used in Menopace Original have been scientifically formulated, making them perfect for those who need support during and even after menopause. Menopace Original helps regulate hormone levels, increase the formation of collagen, and support cardiovascular health.

Menopace Plus – £16.10

Working off the original Menopace formulation, Menopace Plus includes a botanical tablet to provide additional support. The dual tablet formula comes in a convenient pack so women can take both supplements at the same time.

While the Menopace used in Menopace Plus is the same as Menopace Original, the active botanical tablet adds isoflavones, sage, flaxseed, and green tea to the daily intake, making it more effective and comprehensive.

Menopace Calcium – £12.50

One of the biggest struggles of menopause is that during this period in life, bone density begins to greatly decrease. A natural result of lower estrogen levels, the long-term effects of losing bone density are awful, with more bone fractures being reported after this time in life.

Menopace Calcium provides a source of clean calcium to reduce the loss of bone density, keeping the bones strong during and after this change in life. With additional nutrients, like calcium, magnesium, and zinc, Menopace Calcium is the perfect option for those wanting to keep their bones strong and healthy.

Menopace Night – £13.25

Menopace Night contains a mixture of 24 scientifically formulated nutrients and chamomile and hops, extracts that help users get a better night’s sleep. One of the primary complaints of menopause is that it is harder to sleep, whether due to restlessness or night sweats.

By combining ingredients like chamomile and hops extracts, hydroxytryptophan, and soya isoflavones, Menopace Night is able to support a deeper, more restful night’s sleep.

Menopace Red Clover – £19.95

Red clover isoflavones are a perfect option for those who struggle to get enough in their daily intake of legumes. Red clover has been used for years as the ideal source of isoflavones, making it an obvious choice for a menopause supplement.

Included in Menopace Red Clover is green tea extract, which will protect the body from free radical damage and provide a clean source of energy.

Menopace Max – £24.95

As its name suggests, Menopace Max is the most potent in the product line, including all of the ingredients found in the previously mentioned products. This product includes B6 for hormonal balance, calcium for bone health, red clover for isoflavones, and even thiamin for heart health.

Purchasing Menopace

All Menopace products are available for purchase on the Vitabiotics company website. At the moment, the company is offering a three for two deal, where customers can purchase three products for the price of two.

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