Apache 400

Sunglasses are invaluable tools in many situations. Whether you’re driving, hunting, or hiking, keeping the sun out of your eyes is essential in maintaining situational awareness and preventing accidents and injuries from occurring.

Using the right tools for the job is essential in all tasks, and when you’re trying to keep the sun out of your eyes and reducing sun glare, it’s best not to compromise with low-quality solutions.

Bright environments can make a huge difference in performance for a wide variety of tasks. Shooting into the sun without eye protection can have a seriously detrimental effect on your groupings.

Driving without adequate eye protection increases your chances of having an accident and significantly decreases reaction times.

There’s a reason why special forces recon units and active military personnel use high-spec, tactical eye protection while on tour.

The harsh environments that military forces are deployed into are extremely demanding and require sun and light protection to not only block out the bright sun of desert environments, but also to stand up to the rigors of everyday military life.

Tactical military spec sunglasses aren’t commonly available to the public, but a new tactical sportswear brand is making it possible to get a milspec set of high-performance tactical sunglasses for anybody.

The Apache 400 Desert Sunglasses are the world’s most durable military-grade sunglasses, and are quickly becoming extremely popular with shooters, hunters, professional drivers, and first responder personnel such as police, firefighters, and EMT’s.

In this article, we’ll check out the Apache 400 Desert Sunglasses and strip them down to assess their form, function, and utility, helping you determine whether they’re the right performance sunglasses for you.

Apache 400 Advantage

The Apache 400 Desert Sunglasses are high performance tactical sunglasses that have been engineered from the ground up for military grade tactical use.

Offering a level of design that exceeds almost all civilian eye protection solution, the Apache 400 Desert Sunglasses are manufactured with a high level of attention to detail.

The primary feature of the Apache 400 Desert Sunglasses, apart from their rugged and tactical form factor, is the use of highly specialized polarized lenses in their construction.

The polarization process used in the creation of the Apache 400 tactical sunglasses cuts out almost 99% of all light glare, creating a sharp, high-resolution, filtered field of view that allows for rapid threat assessment or target identification.

The polarization technique used in the Apache 400 Sunglasses involves a special high-tech chemical coating that is applied to the exterior of the lenses that gives them specific and powerful light-scattering abilities.

Not only does the chemical coating applied to the Apache 400’s reduce the total amount of light that is transmitted through the lens both horizontally and vertically, but it also absorbs the greater part of the visible radiation that causes glare.

Glare is the worst enemy of a military professional, and has just as many detrimental effects in everyday life as it does on the battlefield.

Intense glare is caused by the reflection of light from bright surfaces such as lakes, deserts, or solid surfaces, and is able to distort the depth perception of the eye as well as reducing overall view capacity and color vision.

Glare also delivers an unhealthy amount of UV radiation into the eyes, increasing the risk of doing permanent damage to the vision.

One of the biggest disadvantages of normal polarized sunglasses is that they deliver high anti-glare performance while worn during bright sunlight, but barely let any light at all through in the shade.

The unique polarization technique used to create the Apache 400 Desert Sunglasses performs optimally in both extremely bright environments and shady environments, delivering constant clarity of vision.

The research and development that has gone into the creation of the Apache 400 Desert Sunglasses has been performed by a leading team of optical engineers and scientists, resulting in a solution that uses highly efficient patented technology to deliver unparalleled clarity, visible radiation filtering, and visual performance.

Most importantly, the Apache 400 Desert Sunglasses are extremely robust and rugged, designed to function in a dangerous military environment.

The sunglasses are constructed from advanced impact and shatter resistance composite polymer materials that stand up equally to the rigors of both military and everyday life.

Apache 400 Design & Construction

The polarized lenses of the Apache 400 Desert Sunglasses are created with an innovative layering technique that progressively filters the light that hits them, creating a highly color-specific visual range while protecting the eyes from glare.

The cutaway frame and lens design hugs the shape of the face and cheeks, delivering a 270-degree glare protection.

The Apache 400 Desert Sunglasses adhere to military spec standards, and can be used in extreme weather conditions with no negative performance effect.

The lenses of the Apache 400’s are constructed from an advanced polycarbonate that is impact and scratch resistant- polycarbonate was developed in secret black tech projects in the 1970’s by the US government, and is currently used in the helmet visors of astronauts and in the windshields of spacecraft.

Polycarbonate lenses are also able to block 100% of the harmful UV-B and UV-C rays that damage DNA, protecting your eyes from the negative health effects of bright sunlight and glare.

The lenses are also treated with a unique hydrophobic anti-fog solution, which means perspiration will slide right off, and fog will never form, even while wearing full-face tactical masks or helmets.

The Apache 400 Desert Sunglasses ship with a protective hard case to keep them safe while not in use, and are secured to the head with a flexible polymer head strap, ensuring that they won’t fall off during high physical activity or dynamic movement situations.

Apache 400 Verdict

The Apache 400 Desert Sunglasses are one of the toughest and most advanced sunglasses available on the market today.

Ideal for almost any situation imaginable, the Apache 400’s deliver unparalleled performance, delivering a wide range of benefits not found in regular sunglasses.

If you’re looking for the ultimate tactical sun protection solution, the Apache 400 Desert Sunglasses are one of the very best options available.

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