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Despite what health drink manufacturers such as SmartWater or VitaminWater would have you believe, most of the so called “health drinks” that are available on the market today are, in fact, extremely rich in sugar.

One bottle of VitaminWater, for example, contains a massive 32 grams of sugar and 120 calories.

Caloric content aside, consuming a dose of 32 grams of sugar in one sitting is a fast track to developing cardiovascular disease and stacking on excess body weight.

No matter how many vitamins or minerals you pack into a “health drink”, if it contains excess sugar content, it’s very bad for you.

The World Health Organization recommends that, if you must consume sugar, it’s best kept under 10% of the total caloric intake- which works out to about 25 grams of sugar per day.

If you drink health drinks such as VitaminWater, you’re consuming around 130% of your daily sugar intake and, according to multiple clinical investigations, seriously increasing your chances of dying from heart disease.

Fortunately, the healthy eating movement that has recently swept across the globe has resulted in a wide range of healthy, natural, and sugar-free beverages becoming available that actually deserve the title “health drink”.

Core Organic, from Core Hydration, is one such drink. Manufactured from completely organic ingredients and available in a wide range of flavors, Core Organic is one of the healthiest drinks available on the beverage market.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the Core Organic range and finding out what makes them different from the average health drink to help you decide whether it’s the right health drink solution for you.


What Is Core Organic?

Core Organic is a range of super low calorie, super low sugar, super healthy beverages from sports drink manufacturers Core Hydration.

Core Organic has recently captured media attention from around the world as celebrities such as Madonna and Mischa Barton have been spotted touting a bottle around Hollywood.

Core describes their product range as “perfectly organic health beverages”, and promise their customers all of the goodness of drinking organic with none of the compromise.

Each bottle of Core Organic contains just five calories, a minuscule amount compared to the hundreds of calories contained in most of the health drinks that flood the market today.

The Core Organic range is also packed with antioxidants, which help to detoxify the body and minimize the impact of some of the biggest causes of poor health in modern society- free radicals.

Free radicals are unbalanced molecules that enter the body from unhealthy food, alcohol, and pollution, bouncing around the bloodstream and “stealing” electrons from the tissues of the body to balance themselves.

This process causes a cascade reaction that imbalances the tissues of the body, creating a health condition called “oxidative stress” that is a precursor to a range of disorders such as inflammatory diseases.

The naturally occurring antioxidant compounds that are found in Core Organic are able to donate an electron to free radicals without becoming imbalanced themselves, delivering a massive health boost.

Core Organic Difference

Core Hydration does a few things differently in the formulation of the Core Organic range.

The entire Core range is USDA certified organic, meaning it’s free from artificial flavoring and sweeteners that can imbalance hormonal function and damage the body.

Each serving of Core Organic contains less than one gram of sugar, which makes it one of the healthiest low-sugar drinks on the market.

As the Core Organic range is organic, it’s also free from artificial sweeteners such as aspartame, which is often used by health drink manufacturers to claim that their products are sweet but free from sugar.

Although aspartame may be sweet without the calories, it has also been conclusively proven to cause cancer, so the fact that it’s not present in the Core Organic formula is compelling.

The raw materials used by Core Hydration to create their Organic range is GMO free, and is completely free from animal products, so it’s compatible with the vegan lifestyle.

Similarly, the Core Organic range is also free from gluten, making it an ideal health beverage choice for individuals that possess celiac disease or those that are gluten intolerant. Finally, Core Organic is also Kosher-approved.

Core Organic is available in six flavors- Peach Mango, Watermelon Lemonade, Pomegranate Blue Acai, Orange Clementine, and Coconut Colada.

It should be noted however, that while Core Organic is almost sugar-free, it does use a natural sweetener called erythritol to sweeten up the taste of the drink.

When consumed, erythritol tastes sweet, but contains no caloric content- erythritol passes through the digestive system where 90% of it is passed out via urine.

The remaining 10%, however, has the propensity in some individuals to cause bloating and gas in the intestinal tract.

However, this mechanism only occurs when large amounts of erythritol are consumed, so if you stick to less than two Core Organic drinks daily, you won’t notice the effect.

The antioxidant effects of Core Organic are delivered by two extracts- organic white tea, and maqui berry both of which are supported by clinical science and contain high levels of polyphenolic compounds that neutralize free radicals.


Core Organic Summary

Core Hydration offer one of the healthiest beverages on the market in their Core Organic range.

It’s refreshing to see a health beverage manufacture avoid artificial ingredients or damaging sweeteners in their product, so if you’re looking for a guilt-free, health enhancing beverage that can help to reduce oxidative stress and detox the body, the Core Organic range is a great option.


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