BiggerKids Pool Floaties

BiggerKids is a company that is founded on the principles of having childish fun as a grown adult. The company capitalizes on adult-size products, which presently includes the use of pool floaties and no other products.

What Is BiggerKids?

One of the best times in life is to be a kid. During these years, there is no need to worry about bills and responsibilities that life will eventually have in store for the adult world. As lovely as this time is, it is not plausible to sustain it through the years ahead, since the reality of adulthood is far less innocent and sweet. However, in effort to bring back some of that fun, three friends put together a company that is now known as BiggerKids.

BiggerKids has one main goal in mind – to have fun. Adults deserve to have a moment to let lose, even in the smallest capacity, which is why there are so many different products available. The brand is not complicated or overexaggerated; they thrive on the simple aspect of recreation and enjoyment. With so much big talk about their concern adults and their playful side, consumers probably want to know exactly what is available from their online shop.

Products By BiggerKids

Despite all the playful products geared towards adults, many of the options are still safe options for children. Right now, there is a summer blowout available on the website that will give consumers the chance to get their pool and beach gear at clearance prices.

Right now, the only product that consumers can find are pool floaties. Having an inflatable raft for the pool is one of the staples of going swimming. All the floaties from BiggerKids are made to accommodate the average size of an adult, and they come in many different shapes and sizes. The biggest floaties are priced around $250 without the sale, but the most expensive one is presently available for $129.99. The least expensive with the sale are available for $17.99.

Consumers are given the option of the following products to choose from right now, including their current sale price:

  • Bacon, which is 74 inches long ($17.99)
  • Brunch Special, which includes a 72-inch long slice of bacon and a 48-inch wide fried egg ($39.99)
  • Famous Friends, which includes a 75-inch flamingo, a 75-inch unicorn, and two beach balls ($39.99)
  • Flock of Flamingos, which includes two 75-inch flamingos ($39.99)
  • Foodie Favorites, which includes a slice of bacon, a fried egg, and a slice of pizza, which features two cup holders ($41.99)
  • Giant Flamingo, which is 75-inches long ($24.99)
  • Giant Unicorn, which is 75-inches long ($24.99)
  • Half Pepperoni Pizza, which includes four pizza slice floaties with cup holders, and two connection ropes ($64.99)
  • Light Brunch, which includes a slice of bacon and a fried egg ($29.99)
  • Magical Duo, which includes two 75-inch unicorns ($39.99)
  • Pepperoni Pizza Slice, which includes two connection rope and two built-in cup holders ($19.99)
  • Sunny Side Up Egg, which is 48 inches wide ($17.99)
  • Whole Pepperoni Pizza, which includes 8 71-inch long pizza slices with two connection ropes and built in cup holders ($129.99)

All the packages are available with free priority shipping, which means that consumers only need to consider the sale price of the floaties during their order.

Even though these products are bound to bring the inner child out in any adult, consumers may find that the rafts do not suit their needs, or that they would prefer a different design. If the consumer wants to return their floatie, all they need to do is to return the product back to BiggerKids within 30 days for a complete refund.

BiggerKids Contacts

Even with the expansive inventory of BiggerKids, there are still plenty of questions that consumers may have about the brand or products. The customer service team offers a simple form on their contact page for consumers to fill out for correspondence. However, consumers that want a more direct method of communication should use either the phone number or email available:

  • Phone: 805-380-5437
  • Email:

The company is based out of Phoenix, Arizona.

BiggerKids Conclusion

BiggerKids advertises itself as a company that prioritizes the recreation of adults, but the only thing that they presently make available to consumers is a floatie, which comes in various designs. The products themselves are not presently expensive, but consumers should try to order their products during the sale to avoid the inflated cost that may come when the sale is over.

To open the door to your inner child, a pool floatie may be a step in the right direction.

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