Cosmetics and makeup have been seen throughout history, changing with the times to represent the current trends in society.

While makeup may have started as something to cover imperfections and draw attention to specific attributes, in recent times the application of makeup has become an art form.

People across the world showcase their talents by teaching others how to expertly apply their cosmetics in just the right way to get the looks they want. However, in order to get these results, users need the right tools.

BlendSmart is a company that provides makeup lovers with the tools they need to get the looks they want. Providing users with innovative brushes that perfectly blend powders, serums, and liquids into the skin, BlendSmart is the perfect addition to anyone’s collection.

What Is BlendSmart?

One of the most difficult parts of applying makeup is blending. When a person is wearing multiple products, the goal is to have them blend perfectly, creating an effortless balance that leaves the skin looking flawless.

Unfortunately, if the brushes used aren’t able to break apart and mix the different products used, the blending will be clumpy and uneven, requiring users to start all over again.

With BlendSmart’s unique brush system, users will be able to get the perfectly even and blended effect seen with makeup artists, in the comfort of their own homes.

The BlendSmart rotating makeup application system uses an interchangeable brush head that spins at 190 rotations per minute.

The brushes were designed to imitate the same motions used by professionals in the makeup industry, providing users with the flawless blend that will give them the exact effect they want for their skin.

While the rotating heads of the BlendSmart system are what set it apart from the competition, the company also produces the highest quality brush heads in the industry.

The brushes are made from soft, synthetic fibers that work to perfectly blend powder, crèmes, or foundations, giving users the air-brushed look once thought only possible through makeup artists.

Over the years, as BlendSmart has grown in popularity, the company realized there were still improvements that could be made to the system, further meeting the needs of customers across the country.

In an effort to improve upon the first design, BlendSmart released BlendSmart2, a quieter and more enhanced brush experience.

By constantly striving to meet and surpass the needs of its customers, BlendSmart has remained at the forefront of the makeup brush industry.

What Makes BlendSmart Different?

The biggest difference between BlendSmart and other brushes on the market is that the company was founded by an expert. So often, brushes aren’t given the same attention as other aspects in the industry.

However, BlendSmart was made by an expert who need a solution to a very real problem.

When Carol Martin experienced a wrist injury, she was unable to replicate the motions makeup artists use while applying makeup.

In an effort to make it easier for everyone to get the effortless blending motion only experts can perfect, Martin created BlendSmart, using her experience as a model and cosmetic surgery consultant in each of her prototypes and designs.

Now, BlendSmart is one of the most widely used automated brush systems in the industry.

Another way BlendSmart differentiates itself from the competition is by its innovative, one-of-a-kind drop-in connection. All BlendSmart brushes have magnetic bottoms that allow them to attach to the rotating device.

By making the brushes so easy to attach and change out, BlendSmart has simplified the brush experience, allowing users to switch between brushes effortlessly.

More importantly, this magnetic system keeps the heads locked into place during application, so there’s no worry about disconnection.

As mentioned above, BlendSmart has now introduced its second design, the BlendSmart2.

While customers were content with the original BlendSmart, the company is always looking for ways to improve upon its designs, making life easier and more efficient for its customers.

While the new brush heads still spin at 190 RPM and are made of the same high-quality fibers, the new brushes have several innovative features.

First, the BlendSmart2 has a soft-touch on and off button, making it easier to use mid-application.

With its new self-standing design, the BlendSmart2 is less likely to collect dust and germs. And, last of all, the BlendSmart2 has a quieter motor that provides the same powerful results, but with less noise.

Finally, BlendSmart wouldn’t be what it is today without the superior fibers used in its brush heads. Every brush created by BlendSmart uses premium synthetic fibers that gently and effectively spread and blend products across the skin.

These fibers are all antimicrobial, keeping the skin safe and clean so there is less likelihood of breakouts.

And, because BlendSmart cares about the environment just as much as it cares about its customers, these brushes are also cruelty-free, so customers can use them with complete peace of mind.

BlendSmart Products

All BlendSmart and BlendSmart2 products are available for purchase on the company website. While BlendSmart has introduced its new line of brushes, those who have previous devices can still find their Original BlendSmart brushes on the website.

All of the new BlendSmart2 brushes cost $26 while the Original BlendSmart brushes cost $22. A list of the brushes available through BlendSmart can be found below.

  • Powder Brush Head
  • Blush Brush Head
  • Foundation Brush Head
  • Definer Brush Head
  • Full Coverage Foundation and Finishing Brush Head

The company also provides kits for those starting out on their BlendSmart journey, providing them with everything they need for superior makeup application.

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