While cooking is similar to an adventure to some, many feel it as a strain. It is always great to enjoy a heartfelt meal, however, it is not always that simple when it comes to cleaning the pans used. For instance, when one cooks up an egg, it is certain that consumers will have some residue stuck onto the pan that requires one’s full force to scrape it off. At times, such pans are also slightly heavy, thus making cleaning a very draining situation.

The Copper Chef Wok is unlike any available pans out there, as it can be used for a wide range of cooking methods, and helps to ensure that consumers can enjoy both the cooking and cleaning process. Let’s take a closer look at this innovative product, its benefits and its different uses that chefs and food lovers are sure to be pleased with.

What is the Copper Chef Wok?

The Copper Chef Wok is designed with chef-grade Ceramic Tech Non Stick Technology that makes cooking and especially cleaning easy and enjoyable. This product is designed to ensure that consumers no longer need to use multiple pans due to residue leftover. In other words, regardless of what one decides to cook up, it will easily slide off of the wok, which ultimately makes the wok look like it was never used in the first place.

In addition, once one dish has been prepared, consumers can simply wipe the inner surface with a simple cloth or leave it as is and continue with the next dish. The technology used behind this effective product is what should be appraised.

How is the Copper Chef Wok designed?

This product is designed to cook efficiently without butters or oils, can tackle multiple cooking tasks and has the ability to heat up with seconds with no hot spots left behind, all of which can be achieved on all stove tops.

What makes this product smart is the fact that it not only heats up the wok in the inner surface, but it also heats up the side, which makes cooking much faster, and can cook up double the portion sizes. The induction plate on the Copper Chef Wok is what makes all of this possible, as heat is distributed to the entire wok, therefore it can reach up to 600 degrees in as little as 60 seconds, which is more than double the heat compared to a traditional pan.

What types of cooking can be achieved using the Copper Chef Wok?

Consumers no longer need to spend money on a wide range of cooking pots and pans, as the Copper Chef Wok can achieve multiple dishes and different cooking methods. Some of the different types of cooking methods one can achieve using this product is: roasting, different types of baked goods, stir fry, steaming, sautés and frying. All of this can be achieved, as mentioned earlier, with no butters and oils, thus it is great for anyone who’s looking to take part in a healthier lifestyle.

What are the benefits of using the Copper Chef Wok?

If consumers have come this far into this review, it is clear that the number of benefits outweighs the cost of this product. Let’s quickly recap some of the known and unknown benefits of using the Copper Chef Wok and they are as follows:

  • Heats up the entire wok including the inner surface and sides
  • It is 6-Qt in size, therefore larger portions can be made
  • Uses nonstick technology that leaves almost no residue behind, and the little residue left behind can be removed with minimal force
  • This wok comes with a casserole style handle and long handle for consumers to choose to their likings
  • Achieves a wide range of cooking styles
  • Dishwasher friendly

What does the purchase of the Copper Chef Wok include?

The Copper Chef Wok comes with:

  • An induction Cooktop
  • Recipe book
  • Roast/Steam Rack
  • Fry Basket
  • Glass lid

What is an induction Cooktop?

The Induction Cooktop, as the name implies, is a stove like top, but in a portable version. It includes a cooktop surface, in which the Copper Chef Wok can be placed and heated quickly, an indication timer, 5 cooking presets, a digital display and an adjustable time and temperature controls. This is normally worth 100$, but it is currently free of charge with the purchase of the Copper Chef Wok. Besides its ability to cook efficient, the greatest part of the induction cooktop is the fact that it is lightweight and portable, which is great for those living in smaller spaces and who like to eat while on a boat or cruise.

How much do consumers need to invest in this innovative product?

This is a great investment and it requires consumers to make 3 payments of approximately $33 excluding shipping and handling, therefore the minimum price without taxes, and shipping and handling is $102. This is definitely a worthwhile investment because of its multi-tasking properties, easiness to clean and most importantly, its time and cost saving abilities.

Overall, cooking no longer needs to be overcrowded with pots and pans, difficult and discouraging, not to mention worthwhile, as the prices are definitely reasonable for what is being offered. In addition, consumers need to realize that this wok does not come alone, therefore making this product inexpensive and valuable. For more information on how to take advantage of a great deal for a resourceful product, check out Copper Chef Wok at: http://copperchefwok.com/

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