Dogs are man’s best friends, and most people love these four-legged balls of fur and enjoy cuddling them. Dogs enjoy digging holes in the dirt and running into puddles, however such activities lead dogs to make a mess out of their homes due to their muddy paws. It is a difficult task for a person to catch their pet and force them into a shower before allowing them to stroll around the house again.

Thus, most of the time to avoid finding dirt all around the house, people tend to force their dog to wait outside, lonely, or to stay locked up in a room where there is less damage to be done. No one enjoys having to exile their family pet. For that reason, most people look for a satisfying and easy solution to clean their dog after they have had a little bit of fun in the park or the garden.

What Is The Doggie Dipper?

Doggie Dipper is that revolutionary solution that most people with dogs have been looking for due to the fact that it is an easy and efficient way to clean dog’s paws. The Doggie Dipper is a red container inside which brushes are attached, it is specifically designed to remove all dirt from the animals paws and comes with microfiber towel that will effortlessly dry the now clean paws.

How does Doggie Dipper work?

Doggie Dipper is the revolutionary solution every dog owner has been looking for as it efficiently, effortlessly and thoroughly cleanse dirty paws. This new device removes dirt from a dog’s feet in way that no paper towel would have been able to. In addition, compared to paper towels, this device can be re-used an infinite amount of times. Unlike the difficult process of having to force a dog into a shower, Doggie Dipper is conveniently portable and targets the specific area that needs cleaning. With this product people will easily clean their dog’s paws before letting them back into the house.

By following four easy steps, anyone will be able to efficiently use Doggie Dipper. First, the container needs to be filled with water as water softens dried mud. Then, the second step will be to gently dip the dirty dog’s paw into the opening of the device in order to start the cleansing. The third step will be to move the pet’s paw back and forth so that the product’s built-in brushes can properly scrub the dirt away. Last but not least, after this process people will have to dry the animal’s feet on the absorbent sponge located on the top of the highly convenient device.

Doggie Dipper Pricing and Availability

Doggie Dipper can be ordered online for $19.99 USD in addition to a processing and handling fee of $5.99. By ordering a Doggie Dipper a microfiber towel will be provided for free as well as second Doggie Dipper. This device comes in different sizes which means that it can apply to all dogs no matter their size. In case, Doggie Dipper is not the right product for you, the device is covered by a 30 days Money Back Guarantee. Doggie Dipper is a highly convenient device that will enable you to effortlessly but thoroughly clean your dog’s paws after a playday in the garden or the park.

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