There are certain vitamins, minerals, and compounds the body needs to thrive and be as healthy as possible. Unfortunately, with the modern diet being so heavily dependent on preservatives, food these days don’t contain everything the body needs. The effect of the lack of nutrients in food these days has placed a requirement on food manufacturers to become more vigilant in the ingredients they use in their products, if they want to truly aid the health and wellness of their consumers.

Unfortunately, one of the hardest nutrients to put in food without changing its taste or texture is fiber. A very important compound to digestive health and wellness, fiber is notoriously difficult to work with.

However, more and more now, consumers are realizing that they need foods with higher fiber contents in order to reach their health and wellness goals. This makes finding the right fiber ingredients more important than ever.

Fibersol offers a wide range of fiber ingredients that can be seamlessly blended into any food product, making it the perfect way to increase fiber content without compromising the quality of the product. With many versatile fiber options, Fibersol is able to meet any fiber needs.

What is Fibersol?

Most food these days don’t have the nutrients they need to truly support the health of consumers. And as consumers become pickier about the foods they put in their bodies, the need for healthier ingredients is increasing. This is why Fibersol is offering a line of fiber ingredients that is transforming how food manufacturers make their products. This line of products helps manufacturers reach their fiber content, so consumers will know that their products contain the ingredients needed to keep their bodies thriving and well.

At the moment, Fibersol is offering five unique fiber ingredients, each one designed to give the more health-conscious consumer the fiber content they need to feel confident about their food purchases. And what makes Fibersol so amazing is that it is able to provide the fiber content needed without compromising the taste, texture, or aroma of the product. This makes Fibersol the perfect option for those trying to make healthier food options.

For those considering line extensions, Fibersol offers the perfect solution. Because these ingredients were designed to be added to formulations that already exist, the can easily be added to create simple line extensions. In fact, Fibersol offers different fiber ingredient options such as agglomerated and liquid to make it easier than ever for manufacturers to fit into their already existing products.

Benefits of Fibersol

More and more now days, people are becoming more cautious about their dietary habits, making sure they’re getting the nutrients they need from their foods to support their overall health. Unfortunately, most foods lack the fiber needed for a healthy diet.

In fact, more than 75% of American adults get less than 50% of the dietary fiber recommended by health professionals. As this information is becoming available, more and more people are looking for higher fiber content in their foods, which is why having a fiber ingredient like Fibersol is so important. Fibersol provides a solid fiber content to foods that are aiming to be healthier.

Just as important as having fiber in food is having the right fiber. There are fibers that cause discomfort in the body, making it unlikely for consumers to keep using the product. Thankfully, a big benefit of Fibersol is that it is a low-viscosity soluble dietary fiber, working gently through the system to sustain regularity.

Because Fibersol works in this fashion, it reduces bloating and any other discomforts that are commonly associated with fiber. In fact, Fibersol can be taken in quite high amounts without causing any side effects.

As more and more people turn to higher fiber contents in their foods, Fibersol offers an easy ingredient option for companies who want to expand or improve upon their current product options. With Fibersol, companies will be able to reach consumers who are aiming to be more health conscious, offering them the wellness they need to truly thrive.

Purchasing Fibersol

As mentioned above, Fibersol offers five different fiber options to those who are interested in adding the ingredient to their products. A description of these different products can be found below.

  • Fibersol-2: Flavorless, colorless fiber ingredient that is soluble in water.
  • Fibersol-2L: A liquid version of Fibersol-2 which has a low calorie content despite being 90% dietary fiber.
  • Fibersol-2AG: An agglomerated digestion resistant maltodextrin which disperses rapidly and dissolves in water.
  • Fibersol-LQ: A corn fiber syrup which is able to fortify foods, with added sweetness.
  • Fibersol-SF: Another corn fiber in fructose syrup form that is highly soluble and easy to handle.

For any company that wants to try any of these products, Fibersol offers samples of each product, allowing manufacturers to work with the ingredients before committing to larger purchases.

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