These days, it's hard to part with our phones, even when we’re working out, running or taking part in other types of physical activities.

But when it comes to buying a fitness armband to hold it in place during your work out, there’s a lot to consider such as color, weight, water resistance, safety, accessibility, and most importantly, compatibility with your phone.

Not all fitness armbands are the same, many are made of low-quality materials and not fitting most phone sizes, they are not easily detached, or for that matter harnessed to avoid falling.

This is where Fit Connect hosted by Kick Starter comes in. This arm band is both universal and magnetic which allows for secure attachment from your phone to the arm band which allows for easy, and more importantly safe access to your phone for calls, texts, music and all things in between.

How Does FitConnect Fitness Armband Work?

As previously mentioned, this armband is universal, and suitable for all smart phones.

You can attach the phone through a magnet on the band and for extra protection it has a patent-pending tethered system, that will allow your phone to be tethered to the band itself. This will allow you the ability to remove the phone from the band to check messages, take calls and so on, but safely tethered in the event it slips and falls from your hand.

The band itself, fits comfortably on your desired arm, typically above the elbow area, and can be adjusted to also fit over sports attire if you choose.

This magnetic design says goodbye to plastic pouches! There is no need to interrupt your workout or activity to fiddle with a pouch any longer. Simply take the phone off the band, and place it back on when finished.

The Fit Connect allows you to comfortably, and without worry do the following;

  • Listen to your music
  • Access your phone with ease
  • Multi-sport use

In addition, the features of the Fit Connect are (but not limited to);

  • Lightweight and super thin
  • Universal – suitable for any smartphone
  • Unisex

Worried about what happens when exposed to elements like dirt, sweat, heat or the cold? Not to worry. Fit Connect was designed to protect against those elements.

Where Does Kick Starter Fit?

Kick Starter is a global community that helps designers, creatives, musicians and innovators find resources they require, and support to make their ideas a reality. To date, they have helped tens of thousands of ideas become just that!

Their mission is described to bring creative projects to life. Kick Starter initially launched in 2009 and there has been a tremendous amount of growth since its inception. Plenty of well-known creatives have come from this initiative and Fit Connect fits in perfectly.

Fit Connect On Kick Starter

With every Kick Starter initiative, there is a process a creative goes through. There are specific timelines to be adhered to, and are available for ‘backers’ to know. Backers, are those who see the product before it is available for display or purchase, but fall in love with it, and pledge to be a supporter.

Fit Connect had a goal of $15,000 to fund the project, and to date, this goal has already surpassed that number.

In March 2016, Fit Connect met with the mechanical designer for the first sketch to be completed. Following that, in June they finalized the magnetic function with the design group and in July received tested validation for the tether strap and magnetic functions.

By October 2016, the final details of the armband materials were completed and in December 2016 the very first prototype was completed.

June 2017, Kick Starter launched the project and the manufacturing will begin in September 2017 with the first deliveries scheduled for February 2018.

How Do You ‘Back this Project’?

There are several different packages available on the website that allow you to take part in receiving the first Fit Connect once they are available.

To support the project, you can make a simple pledge as well, without a ‘reward’. Alternatively, the following are the Fit Connect Rewards available;

Pledge $45.00 (or more) and you receive the Fit Connect at an early bird rate which includes the armband. (presently this is no longer available)

Pledge $59.00 (or more) and you receive the Fit Connect at Kick Starter rate which includes the armband. (presently this is no longer available)

Pledge $85.00 (or more) and you receive the ‘Buddy Two-Pack’. Received two armbands with this pledge which is a savings of more than $50.00! (presently this is no longer available)

And lastly, pledge $155.00 (or more) and receive the Family 4-Pack. This is a savings of more than $100.00 and comes with four (4) armbands – one for everyone!

To date, Fit Connect will only ship to the United States.

There is something to be said about three (3) packages already selling out – the Fit Connect brings sports armbands for your smart phone to a whole other level!

The innovators of this project, are not only great friends and business partners, but are passionate about this project and have had consistent success throughout businesses, specifically in San Diego, California.

This will be another one for the success list!

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