Smart Buckle is an innovative watch clasp that transforms any watch into a smartwatch. Following the latest trends of wearable technology, Smart Buckle is the latest activity tracker to feature smartwatch technology. Made into a compact device, the miniaturized technology has a discreet design that goes unnoticed.

Engineered with innovative features, it maintains the integrity of classic timepieces, redefining fitness-trackers. Smart Buckle tracks activity and sleep patterns without compromising style.

What Is Smart Buckle?

Smart Buckle was created by a team of self-funded experts and classic timepiece collectors. Shripal Gandhi and Alexei Levene are the entrepreneurs behind the smart device. With backgrounds in business and consumer product development, the two creatives have always been passionate about innovation and human centric products.

Founded on the principles of simplicity, the minimalistic design of the Smart Buckle reflects their business model. The Smart Buckle is made with state of the art hardware and software, manufactured with the highest quality materials. It is designed to harmoniously meld classic timepieces and modern wearable technology.

Made with high-grade stainless steel and a brushed metal finish, the Smart Buckle is designed for ease, quick installation, and healthy lifestyle support. Thoroughly tested, the device has been made to withstand any real-world conditions. For comfort, antiperspirant materials are used on the device.

The scratch-free top also ensures full protection. Water resistant and dust-proof, the Smart Buckle is strong and durable. With a waterproof level of IP57, users can wash their hands or run in the rain without damaging the device.

How Smart Buckle Works

The Smart Buckle is designed to fit seamlessly with any standard 20mm watchband. Suited for mid-level or luxury watch brands, the strap should be either leather or rubber. The buckle requirements include a pin buckle or deployment/steel clasp that feature spring bar mechanisms.

To use, users should first remove the old clasp found on the traditional watch. Replacing the clasp, they can then attach the Smart Buckle to the watchband. Once secured, users can download the Smart Buckle iOS or Android app.

Once connected, the Smart Buckle will begin tracking activity and sync the data to the paired smartphone. Smart Buckle calculates motion and velocity data and imports all information to the smartphone app. The power management system is optimized to last up to 7 days at eight to ten hours of use per day.

The Smart Buckle only requires 60 minutes to fully charge. To charge, users can simply align the charging points of the buckle and the charger. The charger can be used with an outlet or USB port.

Smart Buckle Technology

Smart Buckle is compatible with Apple Health and Google Fit. When paired with an iOS or Android App, the device tracks steps, distance, pace, calories, active minutes, and sleep insights. The 3-Axis Gyrometer, Angular Velocity, and Motion Tracking sensors are coupled with proprietary algorithms.

The 3-Axis Gyro Sensor calculates the difference between angular velocity and motion that is produced by the movement of the sensor itself. The Smart Buckle algorithms use this data to sense rotational motion and changes in orientation.

By augmenting motion, the Smart Buckle accurately tracks true activity regardless of whether the user is holding their phone, has their hand in their pocket, or is jogging on a treadmill. These sophisticated algorithms ensure that activity is collected precisely and allows users to track progress.

The Smart Buckle also uses the sensors to facilitate sleep pattern tracking technology. The device analyzes pattern of light and deep sleep. Collecting a pool of comprehensive data, the Smart Buckle recognizes the time of sleep, waking, and the total time slept.

The Smart Buckle uses sensors to track the state of the body. The algorithms can recognize movement and stillness. Designed to understand the nuances of movement, the technology recognizes light movements, heavy turns, wakeful state, and deep sleep states.

With the ability to distinguish between the slightest movements, Smart Buckle understands the nature of the movement and its duration. Users can view daily, weekly, and monthly metrics in order to improve overall sleep quality. To date, the Smart Buckle is the most accurate activity and sleep tracker on the market.

Purchasing Smart Buckle

Smart Buckle is currently featured on the fundraising platform Kickstarter. Starting at just $39, the company will offer free 45-day shipping at the end of the campaign, July 2017.

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