Grayl Ultralight Purifier Bottle

Looking for ways to regulate hydration levels while going on a hike? Tired of having to stop to find clean water resources? While there are many natural sources of water available, such as lakes, ponds, rivers and streams, not all are safe for consumption. It is believed that most water contains harmful components, which include, but are not limited to: viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, particulates and protozoa to name a few.

Fortunately, the Ultralight Purifier Bottle by Grayl claims to provide consumers with a clean source of water by simply filling and pressing. In addition, its uses may eliminate 99.99% of germs that have been infused in water over time. The following review will further analyze the Ultralight Purifier Bottle with respect to its purpose, how it works, maintenance and the suggested price.

What Is The Ultralight Purifier Bottle?

The Ultralight Purifier Bottle is designed to work as a water purification and filtration system. What distinguishes this water purifier to other filtration systems is its unique design that imitates a reusable water bottle, making it convenient and easy to use. To better understand its efficiency, let’s take a closer look at how it works.

How Does The Ultralight Purifier Bottle Work?

The Ultralight Purifier Bottle is said to be efficient due to its use of the patented purification and filtration technology. The bottle contains three parts that can purify water and they are the Patented Electroadsorptive Media, the Ultra-Powdered Activated Carbon and the Silver Treated Zeolites.

The Patented Electroadsorptive Media is a magnet-like trap that can remove pathogens and inorganic compounds. The Ultra-Powdered Activated Carbon is used as a mean to filter toxins including chemicals, heavy metals and particulates. Lastly, the Silver Treated Zeolites claim to contain antimicrobial properties that ensure the purifier remains fresh after each use.

In order to filter water, consumers must fill the Ultralight Purifier with water. Then after having placed the bottle onto the ground, consumers must press on it. By placing it on the ground, consumers have higher chances of using their body weight to speed up the filtration process. While pressing down, the water inside is being compressed via the filtration system, which rids it from the different types of dirt and toxins.

How To Take Care Of The Ultralight Purifier Bottle?

To ensure that the Ultralight Purifier Bottle does its claimed work, consumers need to keep track of the number of times it has been used to filter water. The lifespan of the filter or purifier cartridge is said to be 300 uses on average, which can equate to 150 litres of water. This can change depending on the cleanliness of the water source.

Of the three technological aspects used, the Activated Carbon gets the most affected as it is responsible for the heavy work. If consumers do not replace filters and its respective cartridges, the purification process will fail, which can result in consuming dirty water. It is also advised against filtering salt water, as the Ultralight Purifier Bottle does not contain a desalinization filter needed to remove magnesium and sodium from water.

Purchasing The Ultralight Purifier Bottle

Its suggested price is approximately $59.50 with the price of the purifier cartridge set at $24.50 each. This is a fairly decent price given that the average cost of a water filtration system is approximately $500. In addition, it is appropriate for those who are constantly on the go and away from convenience stores.

The Ultralight Purifier Bottle Verdict

Whether consumers are going camping, climbing mountains or are going on long drives, the Ultralight Purifier Bottle can come of use, as there may be plenty of natural water sources along the way. Ultimately, it claims to take as little as 15 seconds to filter and purify water that can be instantly consumed. For more information on its features and technological components, go to:

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