Ready to take back your health, or better yet achieve the best health you have ever had? That is what the 12 Steps to Whole Foods program by the Green Smoothie Girl is about. It is ideal for anyone, but especially those who might be suffering with;

  • Pain or inflammation
  • Anxiety or depression
  • Excess weight or addictions to food
  • Lower or decreased energy

This program will not only help you get back to the roots of your health, which includes the food you eat every day (or should be). But, it will also help teach you affordable eating habits using the same process the author did to achieve her best health in more than twenty (20) years.

What Will 12 Steps To Whole Foods Improve?

  • Gut health
  • Neurological health
  • Immune system health

And, help you stop the yoyo diet wars, forever.

Conveniently Prepared And Delivered

Instead of spending thousands of dollars, and hours on the latest nutrition books, learning about the newest trends and craves in the diet world – this course was prepared with all that information. What does that mean? Well, the author of this course, the Green Smoothie Girl, did all that. She was able to take out the pertinent information and prepare it in a way that is easy to understand, thus, execute.

This program will help you interpret the controversies, and make things easy and delicious!

The primary purpose is to get people, like you, back to eating how people ate before so many people became reliant on drugs and medications, or fighting diseases such as cancer. The Green Smoothie Girl, at the time she stumbled upon these 12 steps, said bye bye to 70 pounds, more than 21 diagnoses diseases, prescription drugs to the tune of six (6) different ones a day – and misery.

Once she learned and implemented the steps that she shares in this program, it was amazing how much better she not only looked but felt too. And, this didn’t happen overnight. She shares that there were a lot of trial and error moments but worth all the time she spent perfecting it.

And, since she did that and noticed the differences it made in her life, she is sharing them with everyone who is serious about taking back their health. There are several ways you can gain access to this information, including support and inclusivity to those who are on a similar journey as you.

12 Steps Membership

Lifetime Full Support Membership – On sale now for only $399.97 (plus bonuses!)

This membership, as the name suggests is yours for life. It will equip you with everything you need to take your life back, drop prescription medications, weight and have you feeling and looking better.

This membership includes;

12 Steps To Whole Food Course Manual

This is a 408-page book that includes pictures, recipes, best practice habits – a step by step to health.

12 Steps To Whole Foods Menu Planner

Probably one of the most valuable parts of the course – two (2) full months of meal plans, and shopping lists that are whole foods and plant based. This literally takes the thought process out of the equation and prepares you to move forward.

The Green Smoothies Diet Book

Her best-selling book with tips, tricks, recipes and other entries to inspire and motivate you.

Access To An Online Membership Site

This website includes membership only access that gives you additional resources, videos, audios and more. All designed to help you stay on track. There is also an interactive forum available where you can reach out to others on the program and/or the support staff of this course.

GSG Genius Guides

These are wallet cards that you can take with you anywhere that will help you make positive choices when it comes to foods. In addition, sugar alternatives charts, a build-a-meal cheat sheet and 1001 smoothie recipes.

And, in case that wasn’t enough, you will also receive seven (7) of the author Robyn’s, best-selling books.

There are modified memberships available that includes only the 12 Steps to whole Foods course for $129.97 that you can print from home. Keep in mind, you will not have access to any of the additional benefits mentioned above.

Here is another interesting fact about this course; instead of the focusing on the STOP don’t do that! This course instead teaches you what to replace things with, and to help you start building a positive experience with whole foods. This course helps keep things in perspective in the kitchen, and the wallet.

The Twelve Steps are available to peruse on the website and as a quick summary they include actionable steps such as;

  • Achieving alkaline
  • Avoiding bad fats and enjoying good ones
  • Gardener’s Rewards
  • Making salad the star

… and more. (8 more to be exact)

Although this program does include meats and other animal protein, it can be adapted to meet vegetarian, vegan or paleo lifestyles. The 12 Steps are focused on being 60-80% raw so should be easily adapted into other dietary needs. The idea is to get more plants into your diet anyways!

12 Steps To Whole Foods Conclusion

It is possible you will be pleasantly surprised with the all the new information and knowledge you will be able to take away from this twelve step program – and chances are you own to yourself to check it out.

Each chapter of the course will leave you with money saving tips, and help your household replace empty or low nutrition with the right foods – through whole foods. This type of diet does not need to be expensive, but to make it affordable, the tips and tricks are necessary.

If you are outside of the United States, digital copies are available and you are encouraged to contact their customer support. Otherwise, jump over to the website to place your order today and start your own 12 Steps to Whole Foods!

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