Guard Llama

There are many unfortunate events that may occur by surprise. Whether it entails a car accident, a fire, parking assistance or need of medical assistance, consumers cannot simply measure when exactly such things can take place. While many may be quick on their feet and can figure out what necessary steps must be taken to prevent any more damage, others may feel stumped and out of hope. Will the odds be in one’s favor at all times? The answer is no and this is where the Guard Llama comes into play.

With the Guard Llama by one’s side, consumers no longer need to feel pressured or confused. With just two clicks, the assistance required, be it is the police or the emergency medical services, will arrive to the exact location. To better understand the works behind this innovative device, the following review will further analyze it in terms of its purpose, how it works, its uniqueness and many more.

What Is Guard Llama?

The Guard Llama is a device that has been created to dispatch police to one’s exact location in emergency situations or as needed. It claims to inform the police of one’s location using GPS location, which is said to be more efficient than having to call and explain the situation.

How Guard Llama Works

The Guard Llama works in unison with the Guard Llama app and Bluetooth. In the event that an emergency has occurred, consumers are advised to press onto the button found on the device twice. The device then sends a Bluetooth signal to the app, which alerts the nearest Emergency Dispatch Centre. Besides the location, police will also retrieve one’s photo and medical information. It is believed that the police will be dispatched and at the given location 3 times faster than having to directly contact them.

What Differentiates Guard Llama From Its Competitors?

The Guard Llama can be viewed as unique on various levels. Firstly, it may also alert friends and family on one’s contact list. Secondly, it allows consumers who are more likely to experience anxiety to remain calm, as they do not have to recall phone numbers. Most importantly, its ability to potential save time can either be a do or die situation, which may determine the likelihood of life threatening concerns occurring.

How Can Consumers Make Optimal Use Of Guard Llama?

Because the Guard Llama uses an app as well, it is important that consumers ensure that their phones are on at all times, otherwise it will defeat its purpose. In order to alert the police, the Bluetooth must also be enabled. Sometimes it may occur that one may have activated the alarm by accident, in this case, consumers must enter their preset 4-digit disarm pin on the app.

How Much Can Consumers Expect To Invest In Guard Llama?

Currently, consumers can choose from three different plans that best reflect one’s financial condition and they are as follows:

Basic Plan: At $2.95 per month, it claims to be suitable for those who need simpler assistance like entering a parking garage

Premium Plan: At $9.95 per month, it may be ideal for those who require at-the-moment assistance and protection. It is designed to work within 150 ft. of one’s phone.

Family Plan: At $29.95 per month, the entire family can benefit from the Guard Llama’s optimal protection and services. It can be used by a maximum of 4 people.

Guard Llama Final Verdict

The Guard Llama can be a beneficial device in times of emergencies. It is currently booted to work in all 50 states of America. Like any other standard app on a phone, without a phone or Bluetooth access, it will fail to work.

In terms of personal space, all information claims to be kept private and is only provided to the emergency responders. Similarly, one’s location is tracked only in the event that an assistance is required. For more information on its step-by-step installations and more, go to:

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