Umbrellas have been around for centuries and are one of the man’s most simple and ingenious invention as it smartly shields people from the rain.

However, the way that umbrellas function has some flaws as they have to be open and closed outside letting people get soaked before they can protect themselves under the umbrella or back into their homes.

Once folded up, the wet side of the device is the one that is taken into cars, houses or public places making puddles on the floor. Thus, although umbrellas are an essential accessory on rainy days, they can turn out to be quite inconvenient.

Incredi-Brella is the new revolutionary umbrella that has taken the original idea and improved it. Instead of opening from the outside to the inside, Incredi-Brella opens up from the inside out in order to trap water inside avoiding puddles when leaving the device in dry places.

In addition, it is easy for people to walk out their doors or cars and open up their umbrellas in that slim overture due to the reverse opening system of the Incredi-Brella.

This innovative upgrade of umbrellas takes the original idea to the next level, improving the principle behind it and reinforcing the ability of umbrellas to keep people dry.

The Incredi-Brella Features and Benefits

The main difference of Incredi-Brella is its reverse-open design as the revolutionary product opens inside out promoting a more efficient protection and preventing the product from soaking people’s interiors when stored after use.

However, Incredi-Brella as a plethora of other features contributing to its efficiency.

When used on a not only rainy but also a windy day, umbrellas commonly stop protecting properly as the wind bends them letting the rain get to users canceling the umbrellas function out.

On windy days, umbrellas become more of an inconvenience whereas Incredi-Brella has a vented double-layered wind dispersing design. The new product is resistant and will stay strong even in tropical winds ensuring users with an efficient protection.

Incredi-Brella is equipped with an ergonomic grip-handle which makes it less tiring to hold for a long time and ensures a better hold of the device.

In addition, Incredi-Brella has been manufactured with heavy construction material making Incredi-Brella an overall resistant product that won’t break or bend no matter the weather. Incredi-Brella can be used whether it rains, hails, sleets or snows.

Incredi-Brella is easier to use than traditional umbrellas and more efficient as it can fit through 2’’ car doors making it easier to bring it inside whilst maintaining the rain in a waterproof cone.

Furthermore, due to the fact that Incredi-Brella is stronger, it can be used no matter how bad the weather is without risking to break the device. Incredi-Brella is an overall improvement as it has been designed in order to remove all the disadvantages of traditional umbrellas.

Incredi-Brella Availability and Pricing

Incredi-Brella can be ordered online from the Incredi-Brella website for $19.99 USD and a processing and handling fee of $7.99 USD.

By buying one Incredi-Brella you will get another one for free you will only have to pay the processing and handling fee for that second product as well. Incredi-Brella exists both in blue and maroon.

Incredi-Brella is a significant improvement from traditional umbrellas that will efficiently protect you whether it rains, hails, sleets or snows.

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